Where do you source your ingredients?


Our ingredients are at the core of our product and we take strict care with multiple checkpoints to ensure the highest of quality output for your consumption.








For produce, we have transitioned to buying local and organic.  Where such options are not available (e.g. oranges or lemons), we bid and find the highest-quality suppliers in the California and Florida region.  This is an every day process for us, which we take very seriously, to ensure we offer our customers the best of the best


For superfoods, we are equally committed to sourcing from farmers that use sustainable and fair labor practices.  We actively choose to buy whole ingredients, not extracts (e.g. Vanilla Bean vs. Vanilla Extract) to ensure purity from a taste and nutritional makeup.  Our Vanilla Bean is sourced from Madagascar, Matcha from Japan, Ashwagandha and all adaptogen mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest, Cocoa from Peru, Coconut Cream Powder from Sri Lanka and all our Organic Nuts from a fair-trade farm in Brazil.