Will you lose weight while juicing?

Posted: Jan 07 2015

Yes, you probably will but please note that this is not the intention with our product.  

We offer both JRINK 6-Packs (as an added supplement to your food-ful diet) and JRINK Reboots (3 and 5 day options) but don’t recommend drinking juice for weight loss alone.  Our products are meant to fuel your busy lifestyle and at times, "reset" the mind after days / weeks of eating processed junk due to stress and sheer craze of life.  One of the biggest reasons we recommend juicing, in addition to the detoxifying and alkalizing effects, is that you will see a mental shift in their approach to sustainable healthy living.

Interested in seeing the results?  Read a case study on one of our long-time subscribers, who recently lost 20 lbs due to sustained JRINKing over six months but most importantly, a healthier approach on life no matter how busy.

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