Do you recycle?

Posted: Jan 07 2015

Because we value and produce only the highest of quality of product for your consumption, we are currently not taking bottles back.  With bottle returns, unfortunately many people do not return back the bottles 100% clean, with juice or produce residue still inside.  Due to the nature of fermentation and bacteria growth, it is not safe to use such bottles unless properly sanitized.

We are looking into a larger sanitization machine that will allow us to recycle bottles into the future.  At the moment, the sheer amount of water, electricity and sanitization chemicals necessary would mean more harm to the environment than just buying clean bottles direct from manufacturer.  

Please stay tuned on when we will be taking back bottles -- it will happen!  In the meantime, we ask you to get on social media, post your recycled bottle photos (water, flower vases, snack containers) or sign up for our upcoming terrarium classes.  Please get on our newsletter for the latest updates.

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