Do you have nutritional facts?

Posted: Jan 07 2015


Download a copy of JRINKs nutritional information here (PDF).  Please note this isn't the entirety of the juices and we are working on collecting the rest of them by the end of February.  The process takes awhile with having to send the whole product back and forth from the lab multiple times for the most accurate reading.  Thank you for your patience!

There are no "empty" calories in our juices -- we do not add any sugars, preservatives or use any concentrates and what you see, is what you get: 100% fruits and vegetables.  Everything gets used by your body in an appropriate manner and stored in different areas to give you energy and nourishment.  However, we understand that it is a concern for many individuals; our juices range from 100-350 calories per bottle (green juices on the lower end, raw nut milks on the high end) with the Beginner Reboot being around ~1,400 calories per day and the Intermediate and Advanced being ~150 calories less than its predecessors, respectively.

We advocate for JRINKs to be part of a wholesome lifestyle, and do not believe in calorie counting but understand nutritional content is important for medical reasons.  We are looking into our nutritional facts but due to the sheer amount of flavors and changing nature of our ingredients, it will take some more time.  We hope to have this by the end of the year so please stay tuned and sign up to our Newsletter for the latest updates!

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