How and when should I JRINK?

Mar 09, 2018

Each JRINK has a specific purpose, based on the ingredient makeup of the juice.  For example, Fuel Me Up 1, is an easier (represented by the "1") green juice that will give you a boost in energy, one without a sugar or caffeine crash.  Fuel Me Up 2 is similarly a green juice but is sans fruit, an equally powerful as a non-caffeinated energy boost.  Our Clean Me Ups are natural detoxifiers, while the Wake Me Up is a next-level Vitamin C and breakfast replacement.    

If you're doing a Reboot we will label your juices or soups with a recommended order of 1 through 6.  Please JRINK each juice between two hour intervals from breakfast, until dinner.  You can refer to our Reboot Guide here for full details! 

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