How does your loyalty program work?

Mar 09, 2018

Yes! We just introduced our omni-channel loyalty program that gives you perks, freebies, and points redeemable for store credit in-store and online. 


How can I join?

You can join the program online or in store. To join online click here to create an account. If you’d like to join in-store, any staff member can add you to the program by entering your first name, last name and email into the system.


How do I earn points?

Here’s a full list of ways to earn points:

You can also earn points by referring friends or sharing and following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

If you are purchasing from any of our 7 locations please make sure to give our staff your email BEFORE completing payment to ensure points are tracked (this is so you can track your points for online purchases too).  Points are earned by the dollar amount spent, excluding taxes and delivery fees.


How can I use my points?


Easy!  You have the option of using your points in-store or online, for store credit of $10 (= 1,000 points) or $25 (= 2,500 points).  Please make sure to give us the same email you used when purchasing.

You can check your points balance by logging in and clicking on “Rewards Balance” or click here.  If you’d like to redeem points on your in-store purchase, please let our Team Associate know and we’ll find your account via your email.


What's this tier thing?

We have 3 VIP tiers -- JRINK, JRANK, JRUNK -- with the more you jrink, the more you earn.  From com'd delivery, comp'd product upon entering a new tier, exclusive access to events, and gift cards on the house.  Here are the specifics:

  1. JRINK: Automatically upon registering
  2. JRANK: Spend $750 or earn 7,500 points in the calendar year
  3. JRUNK: Spend $1,500 or earn 15,000 points in the calendar year


    When will my points be available?

    Within 36 hours of your purchase.  If you don’t see your points, please email us with your email and order #.


    How do I view my points?

    To view points and to gain points online you will need to create a password online by following these steps. (If you have already created an online account these steps are not necessary).

    • Go to
    • Click on the “Earn Rewards” pop up button on the bottom right of the website
    • Select “Create Account”
    • In the account creation page enter the email you gave us in store
    • Create a unique password and fill out the rest of the account creation form
    • If you get an error message saying that the email address is already associated with an account you can:
      • Click on “Return to Login”
      • Type in email address
      • Click “Forgot Password”
      • The system will email you a reset password link
      • Return to website
      • Login to your account and click on “Rewards Balance”


      How will my information be used?

      Outside of opt-in marketing we do not use your information. You may always opt out online, by phone, or sending us an email at


      Do points expire?

      Yes, they will expire after one calendar year (365 days) but your VIP status does not.


      Are all products redeemable for points?

      Yes!  Shots, juices, food, smoothies, bowls, and merchandise.  All. Of. It.


      Please email us if you have any questions!  We're happy to help and will reply within 24 hours of receiving your email.


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