Posted: Apr 17 2016


In the business of healthy habits, two experts are always better than one. That's why we teamed up with former attorney-turned-health-aficionado, Elise Museles to bring you DC's first ever line up of Shaken Raw Latte's.

Elise, a DC-based eating psychology expert at Kale & Chocolate, focuses on helping women change their relationship around food.  With the definition of "healthy eating" becoming increasingly confusing, her mission is something we can definitely get behind.  Like Elise, we also believe being healthy, starts from within and that's why we're so excited to have partnered with her on our new Summer menu at our Foggy Bottom HQ.


That's right folks, if our hot Superfood Latte's kept you toasty and fueled this past Winter, get ready for its sassy, Summer-ready cousins: made-to-order iced Shaken Raw Latte's.  But before we spill the (coffee) beans on those, we're chatting with Elise to get to know her story and philosophy behind this new menu.  


JRINK: We are thrilled to have worked with you on this project.  Where did you get your inspiration for these new latte's?

Elise: I love JRINK, mainly because you make healthy fun. The branding and social media has such an encouraging energy, and I wanted to be a part of that enthusiasm. We all make decisions everyday that are so important, including how we treat our bodies, and I really believe that taking care of ourselves should be enjoyable. This shared philosophy makes our partnership such a natural one.  


JRINK: So, you've also just released your new book, Whole Food Energy.  Congrats!  Tell us a bit more on that and also, your goals for the next year?

Elise:  I love helping people build healthy habits, but I also really love working on their mindset-positive thinking is crucial. We all have a story that we've been stuck in, at one time or another. My overall goal is to help people focus on how to eat (mindfully!), not just what to eat. After spending that last year alone in my kitchen creating well over 200 recipes while writing the book, I’m looking forward to more in-person events and workshops.  Nothing beats face to face live experiences. 


JRINK: We totally get it.  You should totally work at our store some time!  Ha ha.  But seriously, these new latte's are BOMB.  Which one is your favorite, and why?

Elise: That's a tough one! Even though, I’m all about variety and flooding your body with different nutrients, I think I have to go with the fresh Turmeric latte. I love the golden color, and the anti-inflammatory properties. I sprinkle turmeric into everything, and the fact that you are juicing it fresh for this latte is so amazing. The fresh pressed turmeric is so concentrated in flavor and nutrients and can be enjoyed any time of day, all year round. Not to mention, it's delicious!.


So without further adieu, it's time to give you the DL, cold off the press.



Cold-pressed Turmeric, Raw Sprouted Almonds, Vanilla Bean, Black Pepper, Dates, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Cinnamon & Raw Honey

We've long praised the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric and use it in many of our cold-pressed creations. This creamy iced latte is a dream come true for your post-AM workout sore muscles and joints- especially with the addition of Black Pepper. Not only does the pepper add an exciting flavor element to this tasty bev, it helps to release the powerful agents (i.e. curcumin) that make turmeric so dang good for you. 



Japanese Matcha, Raw Sprouted Almonds, Vanilla Bean, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Dates & Raw Honey
If you know us at all, you know how we feel about all things green and good. This latte is no exception. Jam-packed with anti-oxidants, this latte will keep you feeling your best by fighting free radicals while providing r body with added energy, a boost in your metabolism and a great source of protein from the almond milk base. Basically, it's going to be your new bestie- we promise.


Cold-Brew Coffee, Raw Sprouted Almonds, Raw Sprouted Brazil Nuts, Raw Cacao, Cayenne Pepper, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Dates & Raw Honey

We get it, sometimes you just need your coffee (like every day, ammirite?).  Well this isn't just typical "coffee" since we're using our house-made cold-brew and shaking it up with our rich & creamy Almond-Brazil Nut-chocolate-milk plus a touch of Himalayan pink sea salt and cayenne for an extra kick.  But that's not all.  Cold-brew is 67% less acidic than conventional brew, meaning less risk of digestive issues like heartburn and acid reflux (more info here).  You're welcome.  

Now available fresh-to-order at our Foggy Bottom HQ.  Oh, and keep your eye out for Part II of this new Summer menu with Elise, in a few weeks (hint: it's pretty bowlin').


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