Posted: May 11 2016

The sun is (erm, will be) shining, and you'll be trading in your all-black-everythang to T's & short shorts in no time.  In celebration of bikini season, we're doing our 21-Day Fit Challenge but also sharing our 4 fav ways to stay fit and where in DC to get that sweat on.


1. Let's Get Down, Dog. 

DC has a huge number of studios with different styles of yoga to choose from but our fav ways to get down (dog) + where, you ask?


While we're fans of a standard, relaxing yoga experience, this class is anything but standard.  It's a powerful combination of vinyasa flow, with the addition of jumping jacks, lunges and sculpting weight work. The amazing stretch of their vinyasa flow and the sweat-inducing exercises make for one killer workout.  You'll definitely be namaste'ing later.



Okay, Okay, maybe we're a bit biased here. The same building is home to our very first store, but come on.. how can you NOT want to experience some epic flow (pun totally intended) in this trés chic space?

Whether you're a newbie, or basically live in a handstand, the instructors here are on-point.  This AM class is the perfect way to start your day as an all-level friendly and slightly heated room to wake that bod' up.  "I regret waking up for yoga today", said no one ever. 


2. Kick In The Boot(y) Camp

With the plethora of city parks and green spaces (thanks DC gov!) there are an equal amount of FREE *insert celebration emoji* booty-kickin' bootcamps throughout the Capitol.  From push ups > burpees > lunges, these two options will constantly keep your body guessing (+ sweating).


The fitness movement sweeping the nation  requires no registration, no annual fees and no commitment; other than the one you make to yourself and the hug-happy early risers you'll see M, W, F mornings. Whether running steps at the Lincoln Memorial during sunrise (yeah it's as gorgeous as it sounds), to a crazy circuit in a local skate park, we assure you'll be walking away from this workout smiling and sweaty AF.



One of the biggest sources for fitness motivation is social media, ammirite?  Well the folks behind The Fit District are doing right by you on that front (search #thefitdistrict).

Highlighting places and ways to get fit in DC, this is your go-to e-destination for all things fitness and upcoming events.  Between pop-up boot-camps, rooftop yoga and the infamous Full Moon 5K (yes, starts at midnight!) they're bringing their infectious positivity to new heights, in some of DC's most iconic locations. 



Rock Creek Park, The Mall, Meridian Hill Park.  There is no shortage of amazing running routes here in DC.  Whether you prefer to run solo, or in a group of equally enthused exercise fanatics, the District doesn't leave you hanging. 



Meeting 3 times per week, 2 weekday nights and Saturday AM's, there's really no excuse to miss out on this fantastic run squad.  Lead by some of DC's most avid running and fitness enthusiasts, you're guaranteed a killer workout, but inspiration and motivation are anything but lacking. 




Lead by a crew of athletes, DRC is a community-oriented run squad who will push you to be your best every time your sneakers hit the pavement. It also doesn't hurt that their Wednesday runs are followed up by drinks and socializing at The Colony Club in Petworth.

Join this bad-ass crew on Wednesdays at 6:30PM + Saturday AM to get your miles in, make new friends and keep your motivation at an all time high. 


4. You Spin Me Right Round

If running ain't your thang, or maybe the impact on your joints is too high, indoor cycling is a great alternative. DC boasts some really creative spin concepts and there is no end to the different kinds of rides you can take part in. It was tough, but we managed to pick our two faves- we promise you won't be disappointed. 


Talk about an a$$-kicking good time.  Flywheel has to be one of the most challenging workouts in the city, but despite the serious sweat inducing nature of their classes, it's fun as hell.  Think leg-pumping, weights, rave on wheels. Though each teacher has their own flair, the music never disappoints and your muscles will thank you (after they finish crying). 



Hide your wallet because satisfaction, guaranteed.  Sculpt is DC's only yoga AND cycle studio, boasting a giant stone buddha and colored LED lights.  

Most that take spin regularly agree tunes are a massive part of your motivation. Well the teachers at Sculpt know how to keep the beats current & pumpin', making the sweat sesh that much more enjoyable.  


 Now that you have your DC fit-spiration, it's time to get to it!  Show us how you stay fit using #JRINKfit.  We'd love to see how you live out that Sweat & Sip Life.  

PS: It's not too late to join our 21-DAY FIT CHALLENGE to kick-start your beach-bod: 21 juices for $160 (yas), plus free workouts to get fit & chances to win some seriously juicy prizes.  Learn more here.  Can it just be Summer already?  


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