Summer's coming, don't you worry – these clouds will pass.  In just a few weeks, it'll be "buh-bye cold weather, hello shaken raw latte's and short shorts".  Because your legs have been hiding long enough. 

That's why we're excited to debut our pre-Summer 21-Day Fit Challenge.  It's a plan designed for anyone and doesn't require a gym membership or overhauling your life.  JRINK's?  You bet; 21 of them. Workout inspo? You can count on it.  In-person fitness events? Oh yeah, baby. 


How the challenge works:

Step 1. For $160 receive a Challenge Card at any store or online

Step 2: Redeem your 21 JRINK credits from 5/1 to 5/21.  How you get it is up to you – a juice a day or six at a time (heck, all 21 of them in one go *high fives*)

Step 3: While you get your JRINK on, we'll send you a pre-invitation to our 3 #JRINKfit workouts: a community run on 5/7, a burn-baby-burn boot camp on 5/18 and an introductory cross-fit class on 5/21.  Calorie burning, muscle toning  you know, all that hot & sweaty stuff

Step 4: Claim victory:

1.  When you complete all 21 punches by 5/21, return it to any store and be entered to win one of two $100 gift cards.  

2.  *BONUS PRIZE*: Complete all 21 punches by 5/21 AND attend all 3 #JRINKfit events, get entered to one a 1-month subscription (valued at $190) and an exclusive JRINK Fit Kit, filled with a curated selection of our favorite fitness classes and goodies.  Believe me, you want in on this.


So, gear up and get juiced for the challenge that will give you that little extra somethin'. Because can't we all use a little extra help now and then? 


Let's. Get. Physical.  START NOW

Photo source: onepointtwo

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