Posted: Jul 05 2014

I’ll spare you the run down on time and the juice we had, since it’s the same as yesterday with just a little time variation. You can read about that here.

Let’s talk about how I’m feeling. In a word: awesome. I slept like a baby. I woke up before my alarm this morning, about 6:30. My alarm doesn’t go off until 7:30. I chugged a glass of lemon water and followed it up with my first juice. My morning chores were done by 7, and I was showered. Never — never — happens.

I was also in a really, really good mood. And my skin looked awesome this morning. It didn’t look that good on my wedding day. I had a client meeting during juice two and was definitely focused and I felt like I was able to think more clearly. I’ve noticed that my sentences have kind of jumbled up in my head lately and that didn’t happen at all today.

I got home around 11:30 and took the dog for a mid-day walk. We hadn’t done that since the Fall, but the weather, as I mighthave mentioned, has been awful all winter. I probably waited a little too long for juice three, because come 2 pm, I was famished. I grabbed my Kate Bakes bar and nibbled on that along with some water. Did the trick to tide me over until juice four.

I kept waiting for the day two “crash” I’ve heard that some people experience. It never happened. I had tons of energy all day (the dog even got a second long walk and 40 minutes at the dog park). I haven’t felt the need to eat (in fact I had to talk myself into eating the bar since I felt kind of like I was cheating). I’m not saying I’m not craving a hunk of cheese like a wild mouse, but I don’t feel like I need to eat (and frankly, I’m too full to).

Last night we watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which I highly recommend for anyone juicing or considering juicing, or skeptical of juicing. The nutritional information is well worth it — and it’s a heart warming story to boot.

I’m honestly sad tomorrow is my last day. If it wasn’t so expensive, I’d seriously consider going a week. But, a little bird told me JRINK is going to be at the Artisan Market in Clarendon on Saturday, so I’ll stop by and get my fix.

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