2019 January JRINKing Challenge


This isn't about having food regret or going on a fad diet.  This is about setting a solid foundation for the amazing year that you're about to have.   Even if "being healthier" isn't one of your resolutions, our 2019 January Challenge is the perfect way to start 2019 on a clean slate, while having fun and earning amazing prizes.

This is our 4th year of the Challenge and we're taking a self-care twist on this year's prizes.  2018 was a long one, and we hope 2019 is a healthier year for all both mentally & physically.

This year, we have three tiers of prize packages —Bronze, Silver and Gold — measured by dollars spent between January 1 to 31st both in-store and online. 


Bronze (spend $200) and earn:

  • $25 JRINK Gift Card



Silver (spend $350) and earn $200 worth of prizes:


Gold (spend $500) and earn over $500 in prizes:



Sign up here and then get JRINKing! Anything on our menu applies -- your favorite juices, made to order smoothies, Reboots and more.  If you're coming by our stores, don't forget to give us your e-mail so we can track your spend.  


Pro tip: Save 10% on all Reboots between now and January 5th with code "REBOOT2019" and you're half way to Silver!


Participants can enter anytime between January 1st to 31st.  We will reach out to all participants by February 14th to pick up their prize packs.  Good luck!

Questions?  E-mail Kate or call / visit any of our stores anytime.



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