Posted: Jul 13 2015


What's better than knowing upfront your "bang out of your buck"?  That's why when it came to our very popular 3 & 5-DAY REBOOTS, we wanted to provide an idea of 5 measurable benefits of the program.  


We did a before-and-after body scan of the average JRINK Rebooter: a healthy 27-year old female, working professional, lots of computer time and works out 2-3x a week.  The study was conducted over a 7-day period: with

  • 2 days of "pre-Rebooting" (eating clean and JRINKing 2-3 few juices daily)
  • 3 days of actual Reboot
  • 2 days of "post-Rebooting" (again eating clean and JRINKing 2-3 few juices to get your body back to regular eating) 

Here are the Results:

  • Lost 2.3 lbs of body weight 

  • Lost 2.1% body fat (with 1 month of eating clean and regular exerciseLost 3.78 lbs of pure fat mass

  • Gained 1.68 lbs of lean mass 

  • "Normal" to "fast" metabolism 

And how exactly did we measure this?  

In partnership with Composition ID, a DC-based medical & body testing firm, we did before & after DEXA and RMR scans.  What's that, you ask?  Great question.  A DEXA aka Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry uses a low-dose X-ray to measure fat mass, lean mass and bone mass within the body.  A Resting Metabolic Rate test (RMR) determines the amount of energy (calories) your body is using at rest.

To get started on your Reboot, visit HERE.  A comprehensive Reboot Guide with before & after instructions will automatically be sent via email upon order.

For more details or to book a DEXA or RMR scan please visit our friends over at Composition ID


Detailed Reports:





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