How to JRINK 20 Pounds Away

Jul 27, 2015

We're always thrilled to share the positive health results of our loyal JRINKers. Whether our customers are popping in to our stores for a bottle or two, subscribing with a regular weekly order, or re-setting their system with a 3 & 5 Day Reboot, we always embrace our JRINKers' varied rituals. 


We recently chatted with Peter Bepler, a local DC professional and weekly JRINK subscriber who has lost 20 pounds since incorporating our juices into his daily diet.


JRINK: Tell us a bit about yourself, the vital stats: age, profession, and level of physical activity. Also, how do you unwind and chill after a stressful workday or week?

Peter Bepler: I’m a 40 year old entrepreneur and angel investor. My lifestyle is fairly active-- lots of skiing in the winter, swimming, golf, tennis, cycling, stand-up paddle boarding, and traveling (most recently to Spain). I'm also a huge music fan and regularly go out to hear live music and DJs around various spots in DC.


JRINK: What's in your JRINK subscription? 

PB: Pick Me Up 1, Fuel Me Up 1, Fuel Me Up 2, Clean Me Up 2, Wake Me Up



JRINK: When do you get your JRINK on? 

PB: I have a recurring order of 6 juices/week and drink 2 for breakfast and lunch three days a week (usually Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) followed by a healthy dinner *usually cooked at home using ScratchDC.) If I get hungry, I'll snack on some nuts, beef jerky, or hummus with tortilla chips (blue corn is my fave.)

If I'm working out that day, sometimes I'll eat a KIND bar or a banana before my workout, followed by a protein shake post-workout.  On Mondays and Fridays, I'll usually have yogurt with honey, granola and fruit/berries in the morning, followed by a salad or snack (see above) for lunch. I allow myself one or two cheat meals a week where I can eat whatever I want.


JRINK:  What prompted you to make a change in your eating, JRINKing and exercise habits? What changes have you implemented and how have they made you feel different mentally and physically?

PB: At the end of 2014, I was at the heaviest I've ever been in my life.  This was disconcerting to me as I always considered myself to be relatively fit and healthy but my age had started to catch up with me. With my 40th birthday coming in 2015, I realized I needed to make some changes in my diet and lifestyle if I wanted to look and feel healthier. In addition to incorporating slightly more regular exercise into my routine (swimming, cycling and weight training), I purchased a juicing machine at home, but found that it was too time consuming and expensive to make my own.

After hearing about JRINK, I decided to give it a try and really liked the variety of juices, as well as the convenience and economics of buying juices to drink rather than making them myself. With juicing, I noticed that I had more energy, I felt lighter on my feet, my skin and hair felt healthier, and I started to lose weight gradually (which is the best and most sustainable way to do it). After 5-6 months, I had lost around 20 pounds and I hope to lose another 10 more and have the confidence to do it now that I've found a routine and diet that works for me. 


JRINK: Where do you JRINK?  At home or at work?  

PB: I work at home, so both I guess!


JRINK: How does JRINK fit into your busy lifestyle?

PB: It fits incredibly well into my lifestyle. When you look at the cost of buying fresh produce to juice on your own (as well as the expense of buying a quality juicing machine), not to mention the time that goes into finding good recipes and making the juice yourself, I find JRINK juices to be a no-brainer for me.


Order your subscription here. Questions? Feedback? Want to be featured? Shoot us an email


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