Pre-Thanksgiving Gratitudes and a Post-Turkey Reboot



Food coma aside, Thanksgiving really is the Best.Holiday.Ever.  The days seem brighter, people are happier and there's no shortage of good times (+food!).  

As we count our blessings here at JRINK -- opening a few stores, having awesome staff, and meeting new people on the daily -- we wanted to take some time to share with you 3 things we're particularly grateful for this holiday:

1.  Our customers.  

Everyone has a story and we get to see you in your most vulnerable-walls-down state (we're all open to talking digestion here).  This reminds us that it's OK to just stick to our roots and we're perfect just the way we are.

    2.  Speak less, Listen more.

    In meeting and getting to chat with so many of you we've learned to become better listeners - a life skill that's useful in both our personal and professional lives.  We take your feedback to heart, inspiring us to always be the best version of ourselves.

    3.  Relaxxxxx a little. 

    Seriously.  What part of our bodies are not working overtime with the daily "stuff" we make it deal with?  There's nothing traditional about the level of stress we put our livers and tummies through.  For us and hopefully for you, JRINK provides some peace to the mind & bod', as we become more conscious of the things going on both inside and out.


      But where do we find the balance between holiday indulgence and still feeling our most sparkly selves?  After some serious indulging (we're guilty too!) and by popular demand, we're excited to re-introduce our SOUPER REBOOT.  This is a JRINK x Soupergirl program consisting of a daily regime of 4 cold-pressed juices and 2 soups that are fresh, warming and might we add, deee-licious.



      With the inclusion of soups, this Reboot re-emphasizes the importance of making healthful and conscious eating a lifestyle, not just a Hi-Bye-I'm-Done few days.  Our Reboots are meant to kickstart, reset, and give you the tools to not go cold-turkey on your body just because its the holidays.


      So.  What are you thankful for?  

      We hope some peace of mind nutrition can provide a bit more headspace on all the things that really matter.  Our SOUPER REBOOT is available just for a limited-time online and just until Tuesday, December 1, enjoy complimentary delivery on the house by using code "THANKSFROMJRINK".    


      Yours in the making,

      Shizu & Jennifer


      Photo source: Raisa Aziz

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