Posted: Jan 18 2016

And now, a strong contender for the tastiest, most environmentally-conscious, healthiest collaboration...

Ladies and Gents, we proudly introduce to you, the Tanaka, a vegan sushi burrito using our recycled pulp with Buredo, DC's favorite sushi-burrito joint.

Not only is this buredo fiber-rich and healthy, its delicious (trust us, we have a Japanese co-founder, so we don't take our sushi lightly).  This is a vegan sushi burrito that uses our fiber-rich pulp from the cold-press juicing process and specifically featuring our green apple, broccoleaf and broccoli pulp from our very popular juices: Fuel Me Up 2, Pick Me Up, Clean Me Up 2, and more (see HERE).

We know what some of you might be thinking, “Pulp? In my sushi?!”  But in all honesty, the pulp texture and taste lends itself nicely to this buredo, acting almost a secondary rice component, while adding a subtle freshness to the overall flavor.  

This eco-friendly partnership grew from a mutual desire between Buredo and our team here at JRINK.  Not only do we want to create delicious items our community, but we want to do it in a way that supports the environment, keeping in mind our business goal of minimize food waste where possible (Did you know?  Americans toss out more than a third of our food, a startling increase of 50% since the 1970s).

So, are you ready to Brocc 'n' Roll?  It will be available at Buredo starting Monday, January 18th and supplies are very limited (i.e. based on how much pulp we can give).  And stay tuned, we have some more tasty collaborations in the works...


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