Cozy + Healthy: Introducing our Superfood Lattes

Now that Winter has decidedly "snowed up", we're introducing the JRINK way to combat those chilly mornings:  Three Superfood Lattes containing medicinal ingredients like Chaga mushroom, to relieve stress, and turmeric, to boost immunity.  Each blend uses our popular dairy-free almond milk, the Build Me Up, for a boost in protein and essential fatty acids.  

Without further ado, here’s the starting line up:



Almonds, Turmeric, Fresh Ginger, Vanilla Bean, Dates, Cinnamon, Honey, and Filtered Water

Gold in color and just as rich in taste, this turmeric-infused latte is the best way to fight the flu or get a little Winter sunshine in your day.  With turmeric and ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties, the protein from the almonds the Build Me Up, this hot (virgin) toddy is the perfect Winter breakfast post-workout.  A sip of this golden child will give you a good night’s rest and improve your symptoms by morning.



Almonds, Chaga Mushroom, Raw Dark Cacao, Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, Dates, Cinnamon, Honey, and Filtered Water

When you want to avoid coffee but feel the ~energy~, this is your jam.  But first, mushroom in my latte? Used in East Asian medicine for ages, Chaga is a superfood mushroom (aka the "Mushroom of Immortality"...*inserts evil laugh*) used to relieve stress and give you a jolt of energy, without the caffeine.  Slightly woody in taste, Chaga blends well with the creaminess of the almond milk and rich texture of dark cacao, a great mood booster.  Now, add a dash of cayenne, and there you have it; our take on a Mexican-style hot chocolate, but with a shroomy immortality twist.



Almonds, Earl Grey Tea, Dried Lavender, Vanilla Bean, Dates, Cinnamon, Honey, and Filtered Water

Last but not least, our location namesake.  For those needing a little caffeine in their AM ritual, this is essentially winter-in-a-cup.   An anti-septic and great for calming nerves, dried lavender mixes deliciously well with our milky Earl Grey concoction.  And like the name, this latte is sure to please, giving a much-needed boost on these cold snowy days.


Superfood lattes will be available Wednesday, January 27th exclusively at our Foggy Bottom location.  Come and get ‘em while they’re hot.

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