Mar 02, 2016

Our meals are meant to nourish and provide fuel for the busy day ahead.  With Spring on the horizon, this is the perfect time to evoke change and recommit to healthy habits.


We're here to make that healthy choice easier.  Introducing our 2 newest (and probably most different!) flavors yet.  Unique to JRINK, delicious, with quite the nutritional punch to kickstart that Spring Cleaning Life.  And without further adue... 


NEED FOR SEED: The fast track to healthy

Black Sesame, Hemp Seed, Sea Salt, Lucuma, Dates

Creamy. Silky. All The Feel Good's.  Love/d milk but can't have dairy or nut-so big on nuts?  You asked, we listened.  Introducing Need For Seed, our first seed-only milk rich in calcium and "good fats".  

With both hemp and black sesame seed as the base, this blend is lighter and lower in calories than nut milks but just as smooth & creamy, perfect for breakfast or as post-workout fuel.


And don't let the size of these seeds fool you – big things, including nutrition and taste, come in small packages.  One serving of sesame provides 4x more calcium and iron than nuts while hemp, one of the richest plant-based sources of Omega-3's.  


Hemp seeds are also a protein-powerhouse, boasting similar amounts, percentage wise, to rich meats like lamb or beef, plus it's easily digestible. We call that a serious plant win! 



CLEAN ME UP I: We're getting jalapeño business

Lemon, Cayenne Pepper, Jalapeño, Cucumber, Pineapple, Grapefruit 


...The business of digestion, that is.  Our cleansers never disappoint; they keep your insides looking young and clean, just by staying "regular" on a daily basis.  That's why we're so excited to introduce our freshest take on the classic spicy lemonade – a new and elevated Clean Me Up I.

Still boasting that tart flavor, but with an exciting zing(!): liquid cold-pressed jalapeño.  This spicy green veg, in combination with the cayenne, make up the power duo behind this new metabolism-blasting cleanser.  What else?  We removed the agave and water, replacing it with cleansing cucumber, pineapple and grapefruit, making it 100% fruits & veggie based.  Zesty+ hydrating + not super sweet = all the things you loved about the OG Clean Me Up I, with a spicy kick.  Rawr. 





New flavors will be available at all stores on Monday, March 7th.  Can't wait?  We get it.  Order now for delivery.  

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