A Letter from our CEO to You




Kaizen.  In Japanese, this means “continuous improvement” and it’s the mantra we live by here at JRINK. We’re actively critiquing the status quo, asking our customers what they want to see from us, and how we can continually be better.

In November of last year, we received over 700 responses to our customer survey. We asked, “what’s most important to you”, and an overwhelming 76.8% of you said ingredients was #1, with being 100% Raw vs. High Pressure Processing / Pasteurized as #2.  That's why we'll be making a few changes to better serve your needs, including our newest concept that will be at our Dupont store + Online: the Apothékary aka JRINK's farmacy cabinet highlighting the best plant-based medicine out there.  

The Apothékary will be bringing forth ingredients that have been used over thousands of years, and specifically from my Japanese heritage and family.  We'll also offer plant-based superfoods like Sri Lankan Ceylon Turmeric for pain, herbs like Asian Ginseng for energy, and tangible lifestyle tools like Aromatherapy and CBD Oil for stress, all as an alternative to modern day quick fixes and optimal brain function.  Each ingredient will be showcased with where and how it was sourced, and how you can use it in on the daily to make life easier.

After living that crazy banking lifestyle at Goldman, one that consisted of too much coffee and takeout, I spent a year in Bali & Japan studying old Japanese traditions and ingredients, getting a certification in Ayurvedic yoga, and witnessed firsthand the ability to naturally make ourselves feel great again. We want to bring this experience to you, in a modern, fun and super curated form.  Think of this as the Sephora equivalent for your pantry vs. vanity shelf.

Dupont will be closing for renovations this Friday, April 13, but rest assured we’ll be back open on June 9th for our fifth year anniversary!  We welcome your feedback and any submissions for product here.  Don’t worry, we’ll still offer juices but also so much more.

We look forward to opening our doors and seeing you by soon.

Shizu Okusa

PS: Save your glass bottles!

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