Get from Stress to Bliss: Introducing our September 30-Day Challenge

Aug 29, 2016


"It takes 30 days. 30 days of healthy eating and working out and it will become a habit"
- someone very smart

When it comes to September and the adult responsibilities that cometh, we challenge you to change your mindset from stressful to blissful.  Back-to-life season is an awesome opportunity to make some bomb ass changes in your life: waking up an hour earlier, less phone time, incorporating healthier habits into your AM routine, or all of the above.  


That's why we're bringing back our popular 30-Day JRINKing Challenge for the month of September.  Here's how to get started:

  1. Pick up your black card at any store 
  2. Purchase 30 juices in-store from now until September 30th (important: while we'd love to see your beautiful face every day, no, that's not a requirement.  Grab a 6-pack, do a Reboot, just get 30 punches however you see fit)
  3. Bring back your punched out card when you finish (high fives for the keeners that finish early) and we'll issue you $100 in gift credit, redeemable online and in-store
  4. Do it once, do it twice, it's up to you (getting a JRINKing buddy is *highly recommended*)
So water you waiting for?  Come on down to one of our stores, JRINK some juice, and go from bliss.

Find your closest location HERE

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