Our Top 3 Ways to Improve Skin From Within

Feb 28, 2018



  • 1. Improve Your Gut Health

  •  What is “gut health”?

  • The condition of your skin is a solid glimpse into the overall health of your body.  Most skin conditions share the same origin -- the gut, which is basically a less fancy way of referring to your digestive system.  The main function of the gut is to absorb and distribute nutrients, while disposing of waste.

  • Your gut will take what it has and send it to the most important and essential organs. So while skin is our largest and most visible organ, our gut actually doesn’t consider it to be a VIO (Very Important Organ), and hence, the first place where issues show up.  

  • Have too much sugar and deal with chronic inflammation or bloat?  Grab our tummy slimming and antioxidant-rich Liquid Botox Shot for a daily dose of anti-bloat magic. 


  • What happens when you have an unhealthy gut aka “a leaky gut”?

  • A gut becomes “leaky” when there’s more bad bacteria than good bacteria. You want the good bacteria because that quickly turns food into energy that can be used. Bad bacteria comes from consuming food that’s difficult to digest or nutritiously poor (think: alcohol, sugar, or other intolerances).

  • The longer the process takes and waste sits in your gut, this is when the gut starts to “leak”. The bad bacteria breaks down the walls of your gut and seeps into your bloodstream. Can we get a collective “Ew”?  The quickest and easier way to get this out is your skin -- hence, break outs. 

  • Care for a metaphor? Think of your gut as a garbage can. If you’re a good roomie, you empty it as soon as its full or contains something smelly. If you’re a bad roomie, things pile up and marinates, causing the entire apartment to smell and feel gross. It may even cause Stuart Little and all his friends to take up residence in your kitchen. (OK that was a bit dramatic).
  • So how does one keep a healthy gut? 
    • Consume a nutrient rich diet.  We suggest something rich in greens, like our all-green Super Greens.
    • Listen to your body! If it signals to you in any way that it doesn’t like dairy, then cut back on dairy.
    • Take a probiotic, aka good kind of bacteria. Check out our Detox water with chlorophyll & liquid probiotic for easy digesting. 

  • 2. Supplement Your Beauty Routine With Collagen
  • Collagen is the most abundant protein that's naturally produced in the body. It's like glue, keeping everything together and gives skin its elasticity and glow. As we get older our bodies do not produce as much collagen, resulting in sagginess and wrinkles.

  • Collagen comes in powder form which can be added to smoothies, coffee, water, tea… really it can be added to anything since it doesn’t have a taste and it dissolves.  Check out our popular Glow water, containing rose, alkaline water, and collagen.


  • 3. JRINK More Water

  • Water is the OG when it comes to skincare.  If the body isn't getting enough water, your body is going to pull moisture from your skin inwards to help the essential organs function, resulting in dry, wrinkle prone, aging skin. 

  • Water also plays a significant role in digestion and flushing out toxins. And we all know how important a healthy digestive system/gut is. 

  • All of our bodies are different and handle things in different ways. The best thing you can do is listen to your body. Your gut is often smarter than your brain! (But if your brain tells you to consult a professional than please do so).


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