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Posted: Mar 14 2018

“Hey my [insert any type of technology] isn’t working…”

“Have you tried rebooting it?”



We’ve all been on both ends of this frustrating question and let’s be honest...resetting something works mosts of the time. Your body’s no different. Reboots are a way of resetting your body but aren’t a “quick fix” (to be honest with you, not much in the realm of wellness is achieved overnight).  Our Reboots are a tool that allows the body to start with the clean slate it needs to move forward and obtain those long term goals that lead to long-lasting healthy results.

There are several reasons you may want to Reboot:

  • Diet change (becoming vegetarian, vegan, cutting out dairy or processed sugar...etc)
  • Feeling sluggish
  • Turning over a new leaf #health
  • General detox (post vaca or hot dog eating contest)
  • Your friend wants you do it with her (we all have that JRINKing buddy)

      Why Reboot? Glad you asked.

      Here are the top 4 reasons to Reboot:

    •       1. Fight inflammation
    • Inflammation is caused by nastiness from a poor diet or consuming things your body doesn’t like. Cutting out all the things that are toxic plus putting in all the good stuff will reduce inflammation. Removing toxins and absorbing more nutrients also boost the amount of good bacteria.
      2. Gut Health
      Consuming several pounds of raw produce (up to 5 lbs in each bottle, 6 juices a day for 3-5 days. This amount of produce would fill your 450 sq foot studio and take you for-ever to consume) for a few days straight helps repair a leaky gut. One, because it’s pushing out the trash and absorbs all those nutrients. Two, after a few days you will be feeling more energized because your digestive system doesn’t have to work, use energy, to digest what you’re consuming. Also, as we discussed in the last blog post, a healthy gut leads to a dewier complexion.
      3.Liver Reset
      With no trash flowing through your body your liver gets the chance to rest so that it can reset. Then it can do its job more effectively.
      4.Satiation Station
      Contrary to popular belief Reboots do not shrink your stomach. They can help you lose weight by getting the body to a good healthy place.  They also retrain the body to be satisfied with a reduced appetite so that you can healthily lose weight over time.

      Things To Remember

      Don’t freak out your body!
      Prep your body! We put together some recipes to help with the transition leading up and following a Reboot.
      Hydrate Like A Boss
      Water is required when cleaning everything else so yeah, you need water to help with the removal of toxins and waste.
      But coffee (Ugh, sorry about this one.)
      Coffee dehydrates and part of this whole Reboot thing is to increase hydration. Most people said they had a surprising amount of energy during their Reboot.If you MUST have caffeine we recommend a cup of green tea in place of coffee.
      No Alcohol
      I mean, le duh. We’re not hating on alcohol but its essentially poison and a huge toxin that you’re body shouldn't hold on to. And again, alcohol is metabolized through the liver and your liver has an OOO up so please let it live.
      Snack Attack
      If you do get a bit hangry PLEASE EAT SOMETHING (aw nuts, slices of apple, cucumber, or some avocado). PS- We currently offer the Warm Soup Reboot which includes 2 vegan soups + 4 juices per day.
      Can I still #fitfam
      You may but LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Its best to avoid aggressive cardio or high intensity workouts.  Go for yoga, pilates, or barre instead.
      Questions? Slip into our DM's or email
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