#FRESHTODEATH Interview: Morgan Hungerford West

Meet Morgan Hungerford West 

She is the brains behind Panda Head, a blog that is part resource + inspiration, part career + lifestyle diary, all written and photographed by Washington, DC.  Her blog offers visual inspiration and a behind-the-scenes look at all aspects of a creative career and life: home, closet, and kitchen; projects on projects on projects.   Morgan is also the co-creator of the new movement: "a Creative DC".


1. Tell us, what is "a Creative DC"?

It showcases all aspects of a creative lifestyle in DC!  It's a weekly series on my blog, Panda Head, that features the city's full + part-time makers and doers, and it takes place on Instagram, too. Use #aCreativeDC to when you're gathering with friends, working on projects, making dinner, and buying/eating/being local - your life looks good here!  Follow along: @aCreativeDC.


2. What set your inspiration for starting @aCreativeDC?

I started Panda Head in 2006 to feature DC style + creativity, and I've been so lucky to be constantly surrounded by incredibly inspiring, full + part time creatives since I moved here. I never understand when people say DC is boring or buttoned-up – I mean, I GET IT, but that shouldn't have any impact on how YOUR life looks. @aCreativeDC is all about celebrating what and who is here, what they're doing, and how they contribute. It's PMA all the way, and I'm so excited to see where it goes.


3. Where do you see DC going in the next 1-5 years?

One of the things I'm most excited about right now is how many people I meet who are just HAPPY to be here – that wasn't the case when I moved here in 2005. People are building what they need to, here, to fill gaps in their life or lifestyle instead of leaving for other cities – that's an incredible thing, and it can only lead to bigger and better things for the creative community as large.


4. What are your personal 2015 and beyond #FRESHTODEATH goals (ie. healthy living)?

Walk everywhere! Bike everywhere (once it's no longer arctic)! And support local farms and farmers as much as I can.


5 .Favorite JRINK flavor?