Amazi Foods Cinnamon Spiced Plantain Chips

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The warm, familiar taste of cinnamon enhances the naturally sweet notes of organically grown plantains in our Cinnamon Spiced Plantain Chips. The flavor is nostalgic, sweet, and we gotta admit, downright addicting. Oh, and for all our healthy moms out there: these are a perfect kid-friendly, clutter-free treat… even for your pickiest eaters (Hint: they taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch when you put them in milk!). You’re welcome. 


Amazi Foods Plantain Chips: 

Dried and Roasted, NEVER fried. Bold flavor, hearty crunch, no grease. Unlike the typical chip, these are subtly sweet with an almost caramelized texture. Perfect for dipping, topping salads and yogurts, and snacking on the go. 


Simple ingredients: Plantains, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon. Yep, that's it.

Mindfully Made & Clutter-Free: 

  • Vegan and Paleo Certified
  • Naturally Gluten Free and Nut Free
  • Free of preservatives, processed sugars, or additives
  • NO environmentally harmful palm oil!


Health Benefits:

  • Plantains: Natural source of anti-inflammatory Resistant Starch and Prebiotic Fiber
  • Cinnamon: known to help regulate diabetes, blood flow, and reduce risk of heart disease. 
  • Coconut Oil: source of good cholesterol, known to boost energy, curb hunger, and regulate high blood pressure. 


Our favorite ways to enjoy Amazi Cinnamon Spiced Plantain Chips: 

  • Sub for sugary granola or cereal
  • Dipped in peanut butter or dunked in chocolate
  • Baked into banana bread


Talk about a powerhouse snack.... 

Natural product. Slight variation may occur. Store sealed in a cool, dry place. Reseal tightly after opening for maximum freshness. Please note, product may be sticky - don't be afraid to lick your fingers.


Organically grown in Uganda and sourced via Direct Trade/Fair for Life standards.


Net Weight: 2.3 oz (65g)
Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 2"
Packed in a resealable, stand-up pouch. About 2 portions per bag...but we've been known to gobble up these goods in one sitting!


About Amazi Foods

Amazi aims to go a step beyond ethical sourcing, supporting sustainable supply chains and creating connection all through the production of our good-for-you snacks. How? We commit to keeping the production process in the country from which we source. With every bite of Amäzi you take, you help close the gap between source and consumer, between consumer and source. 

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