Day JRINKing made easy. 


Based on thousands of customer orders and data, here are our most popular and recommended products by function and time of day.  Mother Nature has something for everyone and fits within all types of diets (Whole 30, Keto, etc.).  







All day, every day.

Rich in Greens



Fuel Me Up 1

Easy green juice



The Hulk

Green protein nut milk

Detox Water

Probiotic chlorophyll water

Fuel Me Up 2

No fruit, all greens

Protein & Fiber

Cheer Me Up 2

Cashew cold-brew rich in good fats

Build Me Up 2

Unsweetened almond milk with 22g of protein

Build Me Up 1

Almond milk rich in Omega 3's and satiation


Cheer Me Up 1

There's no going wrong with this guilt-free chocolate cashew milk


Detox & Cleanse


Rev up that metabolism and get things "moving"

Clean Me Up 1

Kickstart digestion post-lunch coma

Clean Me Up 2

A great evening tonic pre-dinner

Black Magic

Looks scary yet tastes amazing

Stress & Adrenal Relief

100% Grapefruit

An IV of Vitamin C comin' right to you


Summer Me Up

Ain't no time for gout or low moods


Relax Water

Lavender infused elixir to chill. you. out. 

Nourish Water

Collagen =/= leaky gut



Wake Me Up

Show caffeine who's boss

Pick Me Up

Even non-beet lover approved


Pyro Shot

A great pre or post dinner digestive

Anti-inflammatory Shot

Turmeric ftw

Gut Health

Digestive Shot

Get those digestive juices flowing

Glow Water

A winning combination of rose & collagen

Detox Water

A minty fresh chlorophyll probiotic  


Gut Shot

Our most popular shot for good reason

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