Your constitution is Tri-Dosha.  You're naturally in balance with all Doshas being present in approximately equal proportions (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).  A meditative, harmonious lifestyle seems to be inherent with all Air, Fire & Earth elements embraced.  Your personality is the Balanced One, with overall qualities of strength, stability, and adaptability.


Being Tri-Doshic is a rare constitution, as it has a balance of all the Five Elements, i.e. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.  These three dosha's tend to balance each other out and maintain a healthy equilibrium. When in balance you have a sharp and intelligent mind, sound temperament and make well-thought out decisions.  Overall you are a natural leader with a grounded nature and impressive stamina. 


How do you know when Tri-Dosha's are imbalanced?

In general, when out of balance Tri-Dosha constitutions have difficulty managing extremely stressful situations and a fear of the unknown. An imbalance can also be seen when this constitution is in poor health or mentally, emotionally unstable.


Tips and tricks for when imbalanced:

Each season has a primary dosha as the trigger. We recommend managing each by the season: 


Recommendations for keeping Tri-Dosha's balanced:


Matcha: The most potent green tea in the world, rich in antioxidants, L-Theanine (a mood enhancer) and chlorophyll.  

Shatavari: Basically, one's best friend to keep hormones at bay and balanced.  

Rhodiola: Also known as “arctic root” or “golden root” this adaptogen's got both brains & beauty to support cognitive flow and skin clarity.

Skullcap: A member of the mint family, great as a sleep aid for the occasional "spinning mind".

Turmeric: Overall anti-inflammatory support, rich in micronutrients and a potent digestive.


Beauteaful: A fragrant and soothing blend of floral herbs to promote clearer, youthful looking skin.

Teatox: A time-honored blend of herbs to support regular detoxification of Tri-Dosha's accumulated toxins.

    Follow Your Gut: Our proprietary anti-inflammatory blend of Turmeric, Astralagus Root, Wild Ginger, Black Pepper, Cayenne, Ginger & Coconut Cream Powder. These superfoods promote the growth of good bacteria and ultimate brain function, keeping Tri-Dosha's at bay.

    Better Than Botox: Our proprietary beauty adaptogen blend of Camu Camu Berry, Schisandra Berry, Rhodiola & Sea Buckthorn Berry, great for Tri-Dosha's that deal with stress and need vitamin support. These superfoods will be not only make you rrrreal zen but help fight against the natural decline of collagen production post-30.  Antioxidants, anyone?  You got it. 


    Clean Me Up 1: Slightly green, with cleansing properties and then (a lot) some. Cold-pressed cayenne in combination with the tang of lemon, this power duo is not just a metabolism booster but blaster.

    Gut Shot: Great for promoting probiotic gut health and loaded with the "good kind" of anti-inflammatory immunity boosting compounds. This is a Tri-Dosha microbiome's next best friend.


    Palo Santo: Also known as "holy wood", this South American aromatherapy tool is often used to cleanse one's space and clear out bad toxic energy.

    Seven Wand Chakra Kit: Perfect for first-timers, this beautiful crystal kit includes a prism for each of the 7 Chakras, centers of spiritual power in the human body.  Great for Tri-Dosha's that have a balance within each Dosha and need staying some intellectual staying power.


    A summary of the three Dosha types can be found here:



    We're all Tri-Doshic in some respect but tend to lean towards one, two, or all depending on the season and what's going on in our lives at that time.  Here is more info on Vata, Pitta, Vata-Pitta, Pitta-Kapha and Kapha.  To take our quiz again, visit this link



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