Your constitution is Vata-Pitta, governing both flow & transformation. Your personality type is The Alchemist with qualities from both the Vata (the creative) and Pitta (the leader).


Generally, with this bi-dosha, Vata characteristics will dominate the physical attributes (thin boned) and Pitta (quick and easily hot-tempered) for emotional attributes.  Vata-Pitta can come across as "back and forth" with extremes varying from Pitta’s anger to Vata’s fear (think of the song “Hot N’ Cold” by Katy Perry).


A healthy person with a Vata-Pitta predominant constitution is fun, loving, passionate and full of ideas. They are jet-setters with a purpose. They have the ability to be keenly insightful while also holding the big picture in view. They are go-getters driven by intensity. 


Vata-Pitta's imbalance can be seen in the form of anxiousness, lack of sleep, and inflammation in the skin (e.g. redness).


Tips and tricks for when imbalanced:


1.  Lifestyle: 

Rest is the number one medicine for calming Vata-Pitta.  We recommend sleeping at regular hours of the day with at least 7-8 hours of sleep.  Regularity is the name of the game; keep to a consistent schedule to stay grounded.


2.  Exercise: 

If exercising, create balance with non-competitive activities like yoga, hiking, and swimming.  Meditation is key, so remember to get your Zen on.

3.  Diet: 

  • Smooth, moist, sweet and warm foods will soothe Vata-Pitta.
  • Avoid too much raw, dry, spicy foods (e.g. bread) and too much alcohol and caffeine
  • Grains (like oats and rice), soups,sweet fruits (like figs, coconuts, apricots) ghee and cooked vegetables are great meal options
  • Room temperature water, not iced or boiling hot 


Recommendations for keeping Vata-Pitta's balanced:


Triphala: Triphala is a combination of three fruits (haritaki, bibhitaki and amalaki) and has been used for centuries for healthy elimination, great for Vata's irregularity.

Wild Ginger & Turmeric: Vata's anti-inflammatory and digestive besties.

Matcha: A coffee alternative to kickstart the morning, with a "slow release" of caffeine, great for not speeding up Vata's anymore than it needs to :)

Ashwagandha: To help with the Vata-Pitta stress and often feeling "up in the air", this adaptogen aka “Indian Ginseng” has been used for centuries as a non-toxic and stimulant-free anxiety and sleep aid.

Burdock Root: The Burdock plant is an ancient root vegetable that’s been widely used in Asia as a remedy for a variety of bodily ailments, but specifically great for Vata-Pitta's irregularity in elimination and detoxification. 


Nightea: A caffeine and stimulant free herbal blend to help Vata's "airy" mind relax and go the f* to sleep.

Teatox: A time-honored blend of herbs to support regular detoxification of Vata's accumulated toxins and promote healthy elimination.

    Chill The F* Out: Our proprietary "chocolate shroom blend" of Reishi, Ashwagandha, Cacao, Peppermint & Coconut Cream Powder. These superfoods help Vata's "airy" traits stay within bay, but also promote mood boosting qualities with rich raw cacao. 
    Better Than Botox: Our proprietary beauty adaptogen blend of Camu Camu Berry, Schisandra Berry, Rhodiola & Sea Buckthorn Berry, great for Vata-Pitta's that often may need stress and vitamin support. These superfoods will be not only make you rrrreal zen but help fight against the natural decline of collagen production post-30.  Antioxidants, anyone?  You got it. 

    Clean Me Up 2: On top of being the best breakfast accompaniment on the block, this JRINK is kidney flushing, liver cleansing, flu fighting and circulation stimulating, helping Vata-Pitta's stay "regular".  It's our fresher take on the traditional ACV. 

    Pyro Shot:  A non-caffeinated metabolism boosting shot to kickstart Vata-Pitta. This lemon, ginger and cayenne elixir will stimulate your metabolism, help digestion, and snuff out any harmful free radicals.

    Fireball: A super potent immunity boosting JRINKing vinegar, this spicy, efficient cleanser is meant to be sipped throughout the day. 8 ounces packed full of gut goodness. Apple Cider Vinegar works as a probiotic shot, while cayenne and black pepper keep your metabolism revving. A touch of raw honey ties it all together in a nice, smooth detoxifying package for Vata.

    Digestive Shot:  100% Ginger to support healthy digestion and immunity for Pitta's.  De-bloating, fights nausea and rich in antioxidants. 

    Palo Santo: Also known as "holy wood", Palo Santo is used both as a medicine of protection and to welcome friendly spirits.

    Crystal Quartz: This beautiful crystal is meant to facilitate the flow of communication and energy both with the spiritual and physical worlds (hence, it’s translucence).  Great for Vata-Pitta's needing strength.




    A summary of the three Dosha types can be found here:



    We're all Tri-Doshic in some respect but tend to lean towards one, two, or all depending on the season and what's going on in our lives at that time.  Here is more info on Vata, Pitta, Pitta-Kapha and Kapha.  To take our quiz again, visit this link



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