Cocoa Flex

Cocoa Flex - JRINK, Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland Cold-Pressed Juice Bar, Catering & 3-Day Cleanse Delivery.


Organic Raw Almonds, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Vegan Pea Protein, Cocoa, Filtered H20

When to JRINK

  • Unsweetened almond milk as a meal replacement 
  • Plant-based protein boost (22g per serving)
  • Great pre or post workout

Flavor Profile

I’m the unsweetened version of my cousin, House Almond. We're similar but I'm a bit more advanced with an extra dose of clean vegan pea protein to me -- 22g per bottle to be exact.  I make a great gym buddy after a heavy lift session and am sure to keep you full during that 3 hour meeting that Susan always says won't go through lunch...yeah okay, Susan.


Full Product Details

  • Energy
  • Protein & Good Fats

Size & Quantity

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Perfect almond milk drink!

This was great! Tasted like a delish almond milk shake but not too thick and not too sweet. Great for breakfast on the go or after a workout. One of my favorites!

Tastes great, not thick

I wasn’t sure if this was going to be more “thick” like a protein shake but it turned out to be really light and flavorful, like an iced chai latte!


You have to get this.... going in person is nice next time I will get this delivered.

Tastes like REAL almond milk!

My favorite post workout. No added anything and so rich in good fats / protein. I get it in my weekly subscription. Love you Jrink!

Not Chocolate Milk, but a good and healthy meal replacement

As the first Jrink I've tried, I was pleasantly surprised with how "Cheer me Up 1" tastes. It looks like chocolate milk, and I hoped it would taste like it too, of course. It doesn't, but it still tastes good - not sweet and creamy, but it's not bland or tasteless either - it's quite ideal for a healthy drink. I had it for lunch and felt pretty satisfied with having it as a meal replacement (still have to get used to not chewing my lunch, though).

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