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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Perfect Summe-to-Fall transition detox 
  • Promotes gut health & immunity
    Starting at $63 per day

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    Customer Reviews

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    Can't Stop Raving

    So, I bought this Summer Reset, out of curiosity honestly, but I've not regretted it. I really like all the juices, but Black Magic was a bit rough, nonetheless I continued on and have felt great. I substituted a meal for a couple of juices, and at other times I went ahead and had a juice with some food. The website helps to provide some guidance, but once you figure out what your body needs you will make the appropriate adjustments. I did stick to the website recommendations, but by the second and third order I was ready to mix and match and get what I needed for when I needed it. I will continue to buy though it's a bit pricey, but the health over weighs the cost.

    Great customer service

    Great customer service

    Follow the cap numbers

    So, a couple of the flavors weren’t my favorite but outside of that I’m a fan. I stuck to the three days and felt great. I lost 8 lbs and really wasn't hungry. There was one temptation on the last day but I fought it. I'm not sure I'd buy all of the juices again but will get a few of them weekly delivered on subscription.

    Who is this good got? Great if you're looking to feel good before an event or kickstart a new season like Summer. Hoping this will jumpstart my fitness again too.

    Great for a healthy boost

    I have purchased from JRINK several times and I’ve been pleased with all my purchases. Ive purchased the 3day juice plans, single juices, as well as the JRINK H2O products. I didn’t care much for the waters, especially for the price but I really really like the juices. I like to boost my immune system with the change in seasons and this does trick.


    *NEW* Spring Immunity

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