Cherry Blossom Daily Dew(o)

Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Beauty Duo - JRINK, Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland Cold-Pressed Juice Bar, Catering & 3-Day Cleanse Delivery.

It's here! Apothékary's limited edition Japanese Cherry Blossom set of their most popular beauty Signature Blends, Better Than Botox and Haters Say It's Photoshopped. This power couple duo is everything you need to naturally glow from within.

Haters Say It's Photoshopped and Better Than Botox were formulated to nourish dull, dry, or inflamed skin from the inside out for long-term results. If you struggle with acne, hormonal skin issues or even discoloration, these blends timeless herbs abundant in antioxidants, Omega 7's and anti-stress adaptogens. 

This limited edition Japanese Cherry Blossom is a homage to our Founder, Shizu Okusa, and her heritage of herbal Kampo medicine. A limited collection so don't miss out.

PS: Be prepared for the compliments.

Included: Haters Say It's Photoshopped (12 servings), Better Than Botox (12 servings)



    • Plant-based vegan collagen 
    • Youthful glow
    • Promotes collagen production 
    • Antioxidant and Vitamin C rich 
    • Vibrant skin & hair
    • Promotes collagen production 
    • Antioxidant rich 


    How to Use: 

    Haters Say It's Photoshopped: 

    Beauty Elixir: Add 1 tsp to your favorite sparkling water or tea.

    Antioxidant Beauty Smoothie: Add 1 tsp into your favorite smoothie (pro-tip: add some blueberries to double down on the bioavailability of antioxidants!).


    Better Than Botox: 

    Beauty Elixir: Add 1 serving to tea or sparkling water.

    Antioxidant Beauty Smoothie: Add 1-2 tsp into your blender with 1 cup of blueberries, 1 frozen banana, a handful of greens and 1 cup of almond milk. Blend on high for 1 minute, sip + glow.

    Meal Booster: Add 1-2 tsp to your favorite dish (e.g. soup, chia pudding, overnight oats, or even cereal!).

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