SIMPLi White Quinoa

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White Quinoa: 12oz bag of gluten-free, high-protein, no pesticides, and one of the few foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. The most delicate taste, lightest texture, and a bit fluffier than other types of quinoa. This quinoa and hand-made artisanal bags are brought directly to you from our farmers in the outskirts of Lake Titicaca in Peru. 


LIMITED EDITION bags are handmade in Peru 


Ingredients: White Quinoa



  • Gluten-Free
  • High Protein
  • Contains all nine essential amino acids
  • Single-Origin sourced
  • No Pesticides
  • No Glyphosates
  • Kosher Certified


About SIMPLi

SIMPLi is on a mission to fight fraudulent food supply chains and develop sustainable agricultural practices in communities that have been victimized by unintended food trend demand. As short-term food trends spike, supply chains are disrupted by creating a high demand for a once-upon artisanal and locally produced food products. As an impact of this unexpected high demand, businesses exploit farmers with unethical practices and purchasing power and even sometimes dilute the product to meet demand. We are on a mission to change this. SIMPLi ensures that demand for consumer habits is met by sustainable and transparent supply chains. We work directly with 230+ families in the outskirts of Lake Titicaca, Peru to bring this delicious, free-of-pesticides, quinoa to you while having a social impact on our communities.

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