*NEW* Spring Cleaning

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Low glycemic and little fruit
  • Gentle Spring detox with seasonal ingredients
    Starting at $63 per day

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    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing Pink Milk and Celery Juice -- love this Reboot!

    I order from JRINK ALL. THE. TIME. Mostly because it's so easy to get their juices delivered, but also because they keep you FULL, taste great and are truly high quality. The glass bottles are a huge plus as I use them for everything (beauty, dried good holders, etc).

    I've tried the 3-day Easy, 5-day Intermediate, and now this one. My personal preference has been the Intermediate until I tried this one, and then I supplement with a multivitamin shot kit. If you're a first timer, I highly recommend the set Easy program. They're balanced and a great way to try out what JRINK is all about! Recommend delivery also since it's free (unless you're new, you can pick up in store and ask their staff any questions).

    Also, if ever something goes wrong (rarely), they're customer service is ON POINT and always super helpful.

    My skin and body looks amazing

    I've tried other juice programs before, but those always left me starving and hangry, probably because there was no fiber to keep me full. With JRINK, not sure why but I think it's because the juices are truly raw (no HPP, no pasteurization) that I never felt full. If I need something extra, then I'll supplement with a cup of hot coffee or tea or bone broth, and that usually makes me feel better. Sometimes an apple and nuts.

    This seasonal Spring Reboot was new so I got to try it from their store last week. The fruit sugar is low and all-natural; and it's better than consuming a bunch of fat and oil instead. I don't like how I'm skimping on protein during the cleanse, but its only temporary. After the 5 day Reboot, my acne seemed to clear up, so that was amazing. I didn't notice as much of an effect after the 3 day cleanse though. The weight loss is negligible, because any water weight lost will come right back on after eating normally again. But I do like doing the cleanse as a "reset" to get back on track of eating healthier after feasting too much over the holidays.

    The booster shots were great. Some were harder to drink than others, so I guess that's why you down it as a shot. They were a nice bonus to supplement to the overall program. I would hands down do this over again and likely will do every quarter.

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