Our main game might be cold-pressed juice, but boy, do we understand the power of caffeine.  Here at JRINK, our squad meetings are almost always fueled by copious amounts of juice – and yes, caffeine too.

Luckily, we turn to our house-made cold-brew to get our coffee fix.  But, this term "cold-brew" gets tossed around alllll the time – what does it really mean?  Why so pricey?  Isn't it just cold...brew?  Short answer, no.  Here's the DL on cold-brew vs. coffee, in celebration of the launch of our new Daily Buzz. You can read more about the benefits of Cold-Brew Coffee here, including a Metabolism Boost? Yes, thank you!


Cold-brew refers to the way the coffee itself is made.  Instead of being brewed with hot water, cold-brew uses only cold water, as the name implies. When you make hot coffee and cool it down by adding ice, you end up with a very sad and watery cup of coffee :(.  

By cold-brewing the coffee is never diluted and it remains robust, while smooth in flavor.  The best part of the switch from regular iced coffee to cold-brew- it's about 67% less acidic than traditional brew.  Ever get a bout of heartburn post AM coffee, or an upset stomach before you can even finish your cup? This is likely due to the acidic nature of coffee.

JRINK'n our cold-brew in the new fan favorite Daily Buzz, will give you the caffeine boost you need to power through your day (without the...erhm, digestive issues that come from your regular cup of joe).  And it's lightly sweetened with dates and cinnamon. You're welcome.