7 #ReJRINK Ideas (+ What Your "Recycle Style" Says About You)


Here at JRINK, we adopt the "3 R's" of waste management: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  From our store aesthetic and minimal branding, to recycling our bottles, we do our best to minimize the physical & mental clutter that can arise in a business.  


That's why, when it came time to decide on packaging for our cold pressed juices, we also chose to use reusable glass bottles, over plastic.  Recycled bottles may have been around the block, but you can reuse them over and over and over again, minimizing the ecological footprint while still maximizing that "trés chic" factor.


In celebration of Earth Day, we've rounded up our favorite #reJRINK projects thus far, plus a little insight as to what your "recycle-style" says about you. 





Photo credit: @thetufftruffle


Fulfilling, healthy and purposeful. You're obsessed with good nutrition and you love starting your day off on the right foot. Mornings doing yoga, or jogging by the mall, always followed by a healthy breakfast. When that's not accomplished by JRINKing, you create a one-of-a-kind smoothie concoction at home. What better vessel for your creamy, nutrient dense treat than a sturdy, eco-friendly bottle?  You're welcome.





Photo credit: @ssylvester_


Go, flower power.  You love bringing nature into your home, whether through floral prints, or a big bunch of wildflowers.  Easy-going and cheerful, you're a joy to be around and you know how important self-care can be. There's not many things prettier than a JRINK glass bottle, with a pop of floral color, au naturale.  




Photo credit: @margaretdodson

Simple.  To the point.  With a little added flair, like Adam Sandler.  Our H2O friends are creative while logical.  Hydration is paramount and so is minimizing the amount of PET / plastic usage in your diet – including a daily essential, like water.  You're practical yet fancy and anything but ordinary.




Photo credit: @cherryblossomhq

You're the stylish, fashionista with a unique eye for good taste. You see things as no one else does...and turn an empty glass bottle into an amazing piece of art or that perfect design element, your apartment's been missing. You can piece together the most hodge-podge collection of items into a true masterpiece. Basically, you've got mad skills.





Photo credit: @martastaudinger

Hardworking. Relentless. After guzzling down your morning green juice, you're right on to the next challenge and that bottle becomes the vessel for today's creative venture. Your can't stop, won't stop attitude will get you far...as long as you keep fueling the right way.  So JRINK up, movers & shakers. 




Photo credit: @laurennnrenee

You're sassy, carefree and frankly live by the IDGAF motto. You enjoy every moment and never let anything pass you by, especially an opportunity to soak up some sun and sip on some champers. The only thing we love more than a cold-pressed JRINK is a cold-pressed JRANK.  That's right, we approve.




Photo credit: @christinamarten

Everyone needs a travel buddy -- especially when in Paris, France.  There’s always that something, from home, you can take your selfie with, in front of the landmarks.  You might even save some money by caring your trés chic strawberries or snacks inside.  The best thing?  The memories you'll get to bottle up for a lifetime.



So, whether you're using our bottles to brighten your home, hold your blooms or return them back with your delivery driver, we love to see you help us care for Mother Nature.  We think she'd also agree and raise a JRINK to that.