We're so excited to introduce Joy Elizabeth Jaynes, founder of Mornings Like These.   


Tell us, what is "Mornings Like These?"

Mornings Like These was founded on a morning unlike any other. It came into being in the most organic of ways. One particularly beautiful morning, it dawned on me that everyday can be my best day, every morning can be moving, profound, and beautiful. Through cataloging my mornings, dedicating my day and encouraging people across the world to catalog their own mornings, I hoped to start a movement of presence and mindfulness. We are responsible for the media we put out and we are also responsible for the thoughts we choose to think. Through Mornings Like These, I am able to curate motivational media and connect with people across the world.


What set your inspiration for starting @morningslikethese?

The inspiration for starting Mornings Like These came from the lack of joy I felt I was experiencing in my life a year and a half ago. I couldn't seem to find what felt like "my calling" and emotionally, I was at rock bottom. One day, it all changed. I woke up ready to try something new; a new way of thinking, a new way of behaving. Good habits and positive thought cycles. I became fixated on the journey of becoming a more mindful me. You must give yourself goodness to feel good and that includes your thoughts, people you know and the experiences you have.

Describe a typical day for you, please.

A typical day for me starts with a slow wake up call from the sun. I set an alarm most days just incase I don't wake up, but I am usually rising when the sun begins to peak through the window. I give myself several moments in bed before getting up to think, organize my thoughts and plan. I get up, make coffee, make breakfast, and sit down to eat and set a game plan. Depending on the day, I go to work, or I begin work at my desk at home. This might sound silly, but I always take time to stop and smell the coffee brewing. It's a small practice I do everyday. Who doesn't love the smell of freshly brewed coffee? After work, I come home to my husband and 6 nights out of 7, we enjoy relaxing at home together. I can't tell you how much calmer I feel now that I've taken time to slow down my life and be present.


What are your 2015 and beyond #FRESHTODEATH goals (ie. healthy living)?

My goals for the year are simple: Eat clean. Be organized. Live intentionally. 2014 was the year of mindful living across the world. I see 2015 as the year people dedicate to intentional living. Mindfulness is to become aware but being intentional takes that awareness and acts upon it.


What is your favorite #JRINK?

Clean Me Up II.  My jam!


Thank you Joy!  Do check out Mornings Like These and read more about their amazing work in our community both online & offline here.  Or just follow along Joy on the beautifully curated MLT Instagram.