Every year around this time, many people convince themselves to think that calories don’t count. Reality is that when it comes to health every thing counts and convincing your mind to think otherwise doesn’t change that. Would you rather feel healthy going into the New Year or unhealthy from one too many indulgences? Being prepared with a plan on how to tackle holiday temptations will help you get through the season with no regrets!

We asked expert, Amanda, over at the very popular vegan blog Raw Manda to write about her top 10 healthy eating tips for the holiday season.  Feel free to share your tips in the comments below!


  1. Share Your Lifestyle

Let your friends and family know about what types of foods you can and cannot eat. Be open about why health is important to you. They can be your biggest supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Who knows, you may end up inspiring them to make changes too.

  1. Move On

Holiday indulgences happen, just don’t give up on all of your hard work because you had a slight detour. Get back into your routine right away to avoid falling into that all or nothing mindset. Don’t let a splurge encourage you to abandon your healthy habits. Forgive yourself and move on!

  1. Use Healthy Substitutions

Ditch refined sugars and high-fat ingredients with healthier substitutes. Use a simple date paste to infuse caramel or chocolate flavors into recipes. You can also use date paste to replace liquid sweeteners in your desserts. Bananas have a creamy consistency that can be used to replace butter or oil in baking.

  1. Get Creative

If you’re the type of person that gives away baked goods during the holidays, but ends up taste-testing a few too many – try something new this year. Place ingredients for baked goods or raw desserts (3-Ingredient Mulberry Cookies) in decorated mason jars to give away as gifts. This gives the recipient the option to bake when they want and for you to keep temptation out of your house.

  1. Drink Responsibly

Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and help you avoid overeating or confusing thirst with hunger. Alcohol can affect inhibitions and induce overeating. If you’re planning to have a few drinks, alternate between alcoholic beverages and water. Increasing your water intake will also help you avoid hangovers the next day.

  1. Bring a Dish

The easiest way to know exactly what you’re eating is to prepare the food yourself. Make sure there’s a healthy option at the next gathering by volunteering to make a dish for the party. A fruit platter is a great option that requires little to no skills. Try including sliced apples and caramel sauce.

  1. Skip Seconds

Overeating during the holidays is such an easy thing to do. Don’t make this mistake by limiting yourself to one plate at your next holiday party. Scan the entire selection before getting in line so you know exactly what your options are, this will help you filter out what you shouldn’t put on your plate.

  1. Dress to Impress

Wear form-fitting clothes that compliment your body’s shape. You’re more likely to overeat when you’re in comfortable clothes, elastic waistbands are much more forgiving. Wearing a snug outfit will give you an accurate way of knowing how full you really are.

  1. Pay Attention

Eat slowly, listen to your body and minimize distractions while you’re eating. If you’re having a conversation don’t eat at the same time, sip on water instead. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re putting in your mouth when you’re engaged in other things.


It’s not just about healthy habits for Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings; it’s about decisions on the other days in between that really count. Being mindful of the decisions you make on a daily basis during the holidays will ultimately determine your progress. Don’t let the holidays be an excuse to let go of your routines, stay consistent with healthy eating and exercise throughout the season!


What are some of your healthy holiday tips?