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Juice 1 (7:00 am)

We dove in head first. We weren’t planning on starting our cleanse today, but I’m glad we did. The anticipation was making me nervous about this whole endeavor. As a reminder, we’re doing JRINK Juicery’s 3 Day Reboot which consists of six juices consumed in two to three hour intervals. Juice one was easy — I’d had it before, and both M and I agreed it tasted better than we remembered. It may have been the green smoothies I’d been making us both in anticipation of the cleanse that made the kale taste less kale-y. It was easy to drink and I was through my juice in about 20 minutes. I laid back down in bed for a little (I’m never out of bed this early. Benefit of working from home.) but I really felt like I was ready to get up for the day. Maybe it was the juice. Maybe my brain was just messing with me. I did my normal morning chores (empty the dishwasher, straighten out the living room, feed and walk the dog, make the bed) and was at my desk by 8.

Juice 2 (10:00 am)

My stomach hasn’t really started grumbling yet. Normally, I’d be hearing from it by now after my morning smoothie. I’ve been sipping on my water on and off and kind of convinced myself I was hungry enough for juice two. I was looking forward to trying this one. Wake Me Up: Orange, Carrot, Grapefruit, & Ginger sounded like a yummy blend. The initial taste was all ginger, but the juice balanced out after a few sips. This one also took longer to drink — closer to an hour — I’m not sure if it’s because I was sipping on it while working or it was just the stronger flavors. I’ve noticed a faint headache most of the morning — almost like a dull hangover after a night of imbibing. Perhaps that’s the detoxifying, or perhaps it’s again in my head. I’m still not “hungry” but I’m definitely more aware of food commercials and reading food blogs is a little more challenging than normal this morning. But I’m trying to amp myself up for the reward at the end (wine party pick-up) and Cinco de Mayo. I’ve already decided we’re having ground turkey nachos.

Juice 3 (1:30 pm)

I loved this juice. The Clean Me Up: Lemon, Cayenne Pepper, Agave Nectar, & H20 tasted like a spicy lemonade. I’ll admit that the mention of “cleanse the colon” made me a little nervous to bring this juice along to an appointment, but I am happy to report it wasn’t an issue. TMI? Sorry. I still have a dull headache — it’s actually getting a little worse — but I’ve been away from my water bottle for about 30 minutes and I probably waited a half hour too long for my last juice. I sipped on this one for about an hour also, although I really could have pounded it, it was so good. The first sip was super spicy, but by the end, I couldn’t even tell. I’ve downed about 30 ounces of water by now, as well as my three juices. Needless to say, I’ve had a few potty breaks in my day. At this point, I’m trying to figure out the pacing of my drinks for the rest of the day. I’m thinking 4 for #4, 7 for #5 and 9 for #6. That should finish me up two hours before bed, as recommended.

Juice 4 (4:30 pm)

Repeat of juice one. Took about an hour to drink the whole thing again. My headache has become more faint, but my back and neck are killing me. Product of being in front of the computer all day, I suppose. Waiting for M to get home so we can rehash how his cleanse is going. It’s weird to not be thinking about starting dinner, or even eating dinner. I kind of feel like he’s going to get home and we’re going to look at each other with nothing to do. It’s pouring out, otherwise, I’d consider taking the dog for a long walk. It’s hard to say if my concentration has been better than usual. I definitely haven’t flipped over to Facebook/Blogs/Instagram as much as I normally do, but my day has also been really busy with work. I feel like I’ve been a little bit more go with the flow in terms of client requests too. I’m curious about how I’ll feel tomorrow…especially since I have a two-hour client kick-off meeting.

Juice 5 (7:00 pm)

One more to go. This juice is a Pick Me Up: Beet, Carrot, Orange & Apple. It definitely has an earthy beet flavor, but the orange is pretty pronounced too. M is struggling with this one. I’m not hungry. I want to eat my Superfood Bar, but I think that’s because I feel like I should be eating food…because…it’s dinner. I think we’re going to watch the Joe Cross documentarytonight since it seems fitting.

Juice 6 (9:15 pm)

Last one! We made it through day one. This juice rocked my world. It’s called “Build Me Up” and is a delicious blend of almond, vanilla, agave, cinnamon and water. So good. I could drink this every day. Also, we’re officially full. I feel wide awake at 10:15. Sleep is going to be interesting. I’m looking forward to day two

We think JRINK is pretty awesome. We’re not being compensated for this post and we paid for our juices from our very own wallets.