I, again, was up before my alarm. 6:30 am in fact. I’ve come to look forward to the 45 minutes or so M and I have in the morning, sitting on the couch together, drinking our first juice of the day. It’s a nice way to connect before he heads off to work. When we weren’t doing the cleanse, I’d still be tucked in bed and would roll over to give him a kiss before he left for work. I think I prefer getting up at 6:30 and spending time with him before he leaves.

Day three was much like day two — although I was definitely thinking about food more. Much more. I know the end is near. I again ate my Kate Bakes bar. I found keeping it on my desk and nibbling on it throughout the afternoon does the trick. My body feels fantastic. I’m awake, energized and clear headed. I love that I have the time and energy to give the dog extra attention (lots of walks and a daily trip to the dog park) and I like that when M gets home, I don’t have to retreat to the kitchen to make us dinner. Personally, I feel like this has put us on a more level playing field in terms of meal responsibilities. Our food is decided for us. Our food is prepared for us. There is no burden of someone has to figure out what to make, and shop, and cook, and serve, and clean up the food. It’s done. I love that.

Do I miss food? Maybe. I mean I’m excited to eat tomorrow, for sure. A big salad, a morning smoothie, a Big Mac. Kidding on that last part. Kind of. If anything, this has made me realize how little fruits and vegetables I was serving us…and how much that is going to change. I genuinely feel fantastic with a belly full of healthy stuff. My Pinterest boards over the last few days have shifted from pasta with cheese and more cheese and more cheese (YUM) to having more meatless dishes. I’m actually excited to get back in the kitchen and try a few. In fact, I may try a vegetable lasagna to satisfy the last Culinary Challenge card I pulled.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. In fact, as I’ve mentioned, I would keep going for a full week if I could afford it. I don’t think this will be the last time we do this in our house. JRINK couldn’t make it any more fool proof, and their juices are seriously delicious. The last juice of the day (Build Me Up) tastes like it should be served at Starbucks, not as a part of getting healthy. The Clean Me Up was tied with Build Me Up for favorites. What’s not to love about a spicy lemonade? But all the juices are really delicious. M, who HATES beets, struggled with the Pick Me Up juice as it does have a strong beet flavor, but he drank every drop, every day.

Overall, I really loved this experience. It made me think about what I put in my body and how my body responds to it. It made me want to feel energized and clear headed every day. It made me make more trips to the ladies room than I even knew was possible, but when you are putting liquids in your body all day, I suppose a few pee breaks can be expected. And, the Reboot did exactly what it promised — it gave my body a break from taking in crap and gave me a chance to get a fresh perspective on how I want to treat my body.

I can’t wait to do it again.