“What’s greater than proving to others that they’re perfect is bonding with them over all the ways that we’re all not”   - Anonymous

At JRINK Juicery, we encourage all things real and au naturale so this post is about being raw and organic (not just in the vegetable sense!).  It’s the need to question the archaic views many of us have been taught to believe.

Why do we attract some and repel others?  It usually relates to the person’s view of themselves or their limited/outdated idea of what they require to be happy.  The world is simply a nicer place to live when you look good, have a baller job – everything picture perfect.  We as individuals are probably the most critical people of ourselves.

Women – expected to work, be domestic, look young, foot the bill but wait for the door to be opened.  Men – willing to work, be the breadwinner, keep emotions at bay, pay the tab but nono, tsk tsk, let the woman open her own door.  Are we really confusing and confused?  If we want any hope of being understood, despite the things that would make us fall apart on someone’s lap, we have to also start accepting people in the same way – defiant of gender or any other archaic code of conduct.

Man or woman, there’s nothing more beautiful or sexy than being at ease with who you already are. Because no matter how physically pleasing to the eye now, it will never come with you through the years and make you into someone more worth getting to know.  

Allow yourself to peel back the layers – be raw – and people will naturally react and bond to you like ions.  The second you talk about all the ways you’re human to someone, a whole new level of intimacy and human connection unveils itself for you.  It’s that raw messiness that draws people and lets you live a little bit better, every day.