All too often we use the word “healthy”, loosely.  But what does it really mean to be “healthy”?  Is it working out every day?  Being a vegetarian?  Fitting a size 0 or looking like the Michelin man?  How much of this inside / outside stuff determines what one defines as “healthy”?

Here is my relationship to “health” and its far from the biological or physiological cues one might attach to such a word:


  1.       Exercise.

No, I don’t mean the treadmill.  I’m talking mental push-ups like trying something new, doing something intimidating, or traveling with no inhibitions or reservations.  Work those muscles you never knew existed to flex them 5 years later in unimaginable ways.  As Steve Jobs’ said, “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”.

  1.       Everything in moderation, in moderation.

Eat right, work out, play hard, eat bad, screw up, stand up.  Shuffle and Repeat.

  1.       Have a statement.

I fully admit my tendency to compartmentalize people into certain boxes or “types of people” but I am learning that whatever one wears or eats, spends money, is their way of human expression.  At the most fundamental level, we just want to be understood and perhaps the most exhausting thing is to be someone you’re not.  Express yourself loudly and forget those who hear.

  1.       Taking time out of your day to reflect.

Nowadays we don’t have enough time to think, have meaningful conversations, enjoy the food we put into our bodies, etc.  Just 5 minutes (I also struggle), maybe turn off the phone and sit quietly in no other company but yourself.

  1.       Surrounding yourself with the right community.

I often feel crazy.  Legit, Crazy Woman.  When everyone else around you has a stable routine and income, medical/dental insurance, am I nuts?  You are what you eat and you are also who you’re around so surround yourself with people that resonate true to what you stand for.

  1.       Let go.

Everyone says this but its really true.  Our obsession of trying to control everything in life makes us go mad – work, schedules, our diets.  With so many things fighting for a piece of our time, its only natural we try to schedule every moment of our lives.  If I have learned anything during the last five years (and still trying to), its that...shit happens.  Control is nothing but acceptance.

What does this have to do with JRINKs?  Well, not a whole lot from what meets the eye.

Our mission as a business is to serve you, our dear customers, in living a "healthier" and wholesome life.  We think a juice a day is a small but committed way of reminding yourself, how to live a little bit better, everyday.

How do you define “healthy?”  Share or comment, nice and loudly.