The #EasterJRINKHunt is on!

Calling all DC'ers from NoVa to Maryland!  You’re cordially invited to join our first inaugural #easterJRINKhunt. We’re so excited we can barely tamp our kale shots evenly.

Here’s how it works: Tomorrow, Saturday April 4, we JRINK staff (along with a small collection of our friends and partners) will hide a series of literal gold JRINK bottles across the greater DC area.  Starting at 11AM, we’ll all be 'gramming the bottle in one of DC's more recognizable nooks, then drop a hint or two to our followers.

From there, the hunt is on. The first person to find the bottle, Instagram it (be sure to tag @jrinkjuicery and hashtag #easterJRINKhunt) wins the prize inside.  Finder's keepers.

So whose Instagram feed ought you to be following to better your chances of snagging a bottle? We’ve compiled a handy list of folks, along with their handles, right below.  We will admit, though, that @jrinkjuicery will be posting more than once!

JRINK Juicery - @JRINKjuicery

DCITYstyle - @DCITYstyle

Morgan West - @pandaheadmorgan

Alexandra Dawson - @tallulahalexandra

Mona Lavinia - @monalavinia

Ryan Arrendell - @randigloss

Carl Nard - @carlnard

Taryn Ohashi - @tmohashi 


Ready? Steady? Let the hunt begin!