#FRESHTODEATH Interview: Becky Waddell, Be Clean

Our mission at JRINK is to let the insides speak for itself.   But we equally love what's on the outside (branding) as much as the insides (raw cold-pressed juice).  JRINK represents being the best version of ourselves and we do that by choosing minimalism over complexity, bold over ordinary.  

Today, we are so excited to be interviewing Becky Waddell, the owner of Be Clean, a DC-based skincare company focusing on small batch natural beauty products.


Why did you start Be Clean?

JRINK puts their cards on the table: the ingredients advertised on the front of the bottle are the actual ingredients inside the bottle. In the beauty industry, that kind of transparency is rare, and you’re often left to decipher skincare ingredient lists that are comprised primarily of thickeners, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. I don’t think that should be the norm when it comes to caring for our bodies, and that’s why I founded Be Clean.


What is your mission and philosophy?

My mission is to create an environment that allows you to make safe yet innovative choices for your skin and body. The brands we carry are exclusively small batch and made in the USA, so in addition to being great for your skin, we celebrate and empower small businesses and the creative entrepreneurs behind them.


What are some brands that you love?  

I love that Be Clean is a tool to help share the creative intentions of others, and when brands like Balm & Co. come along, I could hardly wait to share their story.



What is Balm & Co.?

The sweetest mom and daughter duo, Balm & Co. makes “skincare for families.”  Mother, author, and serial entrepreneur, Alex Elle, helps guide her 7-year-old daughter Char as they craft nourishing products for the whole crew, from belly and baby bum balms for moms and infants, to beard care regimes for the guys.


Their lineup is stunning and reflects the artful simplicity of their ingredients, often a thoughtful pairing of natural plant butters and a blend of gentle essential oils. Working with them has been an inspiration, and I hope you feel that same excitement when you explore their line of skincare for families.


What's in store for you next?

We have our growing Be Clean online shop offering free delivery in DC and soon, opening our first new studio inside the historic 52 O Street Studios in Northwest DC.  More details will be coming very soon!


We're so happy to be offering the first 35 JRINK customers a gift from Be Clean: a Balm & Co. lip balm.  Matcha Mint (aloe butter, avocado butter, matcha powder, GMO free soy wax, broccoii seed oil & coconut oil) or Citrus Ginger (Orange Butter, GMO Free Soy Wax, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oil).  
Just use "JRINKBECLEAN" at our checkout to get the offer + Free Delivery for all until 4/21!