6 Reasons You Should Be JRINKing Activated Charcoal



Activated charcoal probably isn't on your usual grocery list, but you're likely using it and don't even know it. It's in a lot of water and air filters, as it works to draw out toxins by trapping chemicals. In our JRINK: Black Magic, we've ground it up fine so that it adds a tasteless and detoxifying property to the juice. 

Need more reasons to JRINK activated charcoal? Check it:  

1. It can aid in digestion.

Bloating? Stomach ache? Studies have shown that activated charcoal can help your system run better, if you know what we mean. It can work by absorbing toxins in your digestive tract and help clear them out. 

2. Hangover helper.

When you've had one too many summertime seltzers, activated charcoal can prevent it from ruining your morning. The charcoal serves as a detox, which you may surely need in the throes of a hangover.

3. It can help lower cholesterol.

Lowering your cholesterol is always a good thing, and many studies say that activated charcoal can help with this.

4. It can help reduce excessive gas.

No one wants to feel gassy and bloated. This can help relieve the pressure.

5. It absorbs toxins.

We use medicinal grade activated charcoal, the same that hospitals use in the case of poisoning or overdose. You may not have been poisoned (we hope!), but you do live in a toxic world and Black Magic helps your body get rid of toxins. And who doesn't like a little help? 

6. It's in BLACK MAGIC.

The sultry, mysterious black hue gives way to a refreshing lemonade flavor. One of our regulars called it an "out of body experience." No, seriously.  We only add a touch for color and don't worry, it's not overpowering nor added in large quantity but if you're taking any medications or supplements, wait at least an hour before/ after drinking Black Magic.