What does YOUR go-to JRINK say about YOU?

Are you a greens only person?  Is a post-workout nut milk more your jam?  Or are you all about the fruity JRINKs? 

Everyone's got their personal JRINK of choice, and while you may play the field, there's always one type you come back to. But what does it all mean? Well, we've got some theories:


Fuel Series (I, II, III)

You take yo' greens seriously, and we respect that. You're strong and active, and always looking to build bone strength with leafy green calcium. You're don't mess around -- sometimes there ain't time to chomp through a whole salad -- JRINK it on the go.  And when you're feeling real hardcore, it's Fuel Me Up III time, all veggies all the time. 


Clean Series (I, II, III)

You like that spice of life and understand your body needs a detoxifying break sometimes. You're adventurous --when you feel a breakout coming on, you reach for that Clean Me Up III (burdock root? It's the bomb diggity). You're not afraid of intense flavors with zing and know that a happy tummy = a happy life. 


Nut Milks (Build Me Up, Buzz Me Up, Cheer Me Up, The Hulk)

You're all about substance and strength and know that a good JRINK takes many forms -- not just juiced fruits and veggies. You're aware that fatty acids and decadent flavors are a good thing. You work hard and play hard, and after all of it, you boost yourself back up with some solid nut protein, strengthening your bones and leaving you fuller to seize the day.


The Hearty Fruities (Pick Me Up, Wake Me Up)

You're a sweet thang, but never cloyingly so. The value of Vitamin C is not lost on you, and you're always looking to boost your energetic nature to even greater heights. You shine brightest in the morning with and early afternoon--particularly after one of these bad boys.  Pick. Me. Up.


The Refreshers (Freshen Me Up II, Sweeten Me Up, Black Magic)

You're a wild card, and you don't care who knows it.  Hibiscus mint, pineapple mint, activated charcoal lemonade? You fear nothing, except going dehydrated and un-refreshed. When last night's hounding you in the morning, Black Magic is your sultry, fix-all elixir. 


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