5 Reasons to take that Wheatgrass Shot


We're super stoked to debut our Wheatgrass-Coconut shots in stores. We know wheatgrass can be an acquired taste, so we're filling you in on the best reasons to drink this one down.


1. It's got every mineral on the planet, in addition to a slew of vitamins, making it excellent for healing your system.


2. It's chock full of chlorophyll, whose molecules are extremely similar to the hemin molecule--a part of hemoglobin (the oxygen-carrying chemical in red blood cells). Basically, it's really good for your blood--and what could be more important than that?!


3. It packs a protein punch with 17 amino acids, which, you may remember from science class, are the building blocks of protein.


4. It's a very effective anti-bacterial, which will aid with a wide range of infections including tooth decay, urinary issues, and respiratory illness. 


5. It's a detoxifier, neutralizing toxins in the body so you don't absorb 'em. 



Bottoms Up!