#CreativeCleanse Interview: Pum Lefebure

When you're a JRINK customer (which we most certainly hope you are), you instantly notice our clean and bold design, which says a lot more than what meets the eye.  Product design can speak to who a person is and the "why" we make the purchases we do.  We have been lucky to work with Design Army, an award-winning DC design firm, on achieving our vision as a brand.

And if you're like any of us, sometimes the everyday of work / life can get to you, especially after a Summer of over-eating and drinking. That's why we've partnered with them on an overall #CREATIVECLEANSE, with both their team, and ours, doing a 3-Day Reboot to get our creative mental juices flowing again in time for Fall. 

As part of this initiative, we are so excited to offer you an exclusive interview with Pum Lefebure, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Design Army.

Pum is a total visionary, and inspiration for us, so we wanted to know what gets her creative juices flowing...

Leah Bhabha (JRINK)What foods or drinks do you like to have around when you're working, either as a comfort or inspiration? 

Pum Lefebure (PL): I'm pretty healthy when it comes to eating at work. I like hot tea with honey--particularly this English red tea my aunt gave me. I snack on raw almonds and I eat a lot of Greek yogurt. But when we are working on a photo or video shoot, we eat the worst stuff from craft services--doughnuts, cookies, pastries--it's so yummy but we really don't need to eat like that when we're stressed and tired!

We have an office lunch once a week for our team, so I love when we order Thai food (of course)--it puts me in a good mood. And then when we have birthdays in the office, we always order Georgetown Cupcakes. We started to fight over the red velvet one, so we have to order a few extra. For me, the key to eating healthy is just not to have unhealthy options around--out of sight, out of mind.

JRINKAny other notable rituals or preferences for beginning the creative process?

PL: I take a long shower in the morning and before bed, and I exercise three times a week. I do a 45-minute workout in the morning because I feel like it gives me good energy for the day. It's like a boot camp for my spirit--I feel like I've done something good for myself that day. 

JRINKAt what time of day do you feel most creatively inspired?

PL: At night. I like when it's midnight, absolute silence, and everyone in my house has gone to bed. It's just me and the darkness and candlelight from my Buly 1803 candle and classical music--preferably Brahms. It's very vampire-y but it works for me. 

JRINKWhere do you generally look for creative inspiration? Whether a place, person, type of music...

PL: Travel--my answer is always travel. It's my greatest inspiration, and I document everything on Instagram (@pumlefebure). I love to travel by myself--I like to go without planning and just find my way by asking and engaging with people. It doesn't have to mean going to Europe--I went out to the countryside in Leesburg last weekend and got inspired. I don't look at design books or websites, because that's the work I'm doing already. I'd rather experience art, fashion, textiles, pottery, theater, dance, music. That's what I find inspiring--that immersion, the feeling of experiencing something beautiful up close and personally. The eye has to travel!

JRINKWhat's your go-to JRINK and when do you usually JRINK it?

PL: My favorite is Clean Me Up III--it's amazing, the flavor is so complex. It's very earthy and sophisticated--you sup and taste a lot of things. And I love the nut milks before I go to bed--they remind me of being a kid and drinking milk before bedtime. But for an adult version, I put it in a wine glass.


JRINKI know you're originally from Thailand--are there any fruit juices there that you really enjoy that aren't available here?

PL: I love mangosteen--you can't really find it here. The fruit tastes so good and the juice is just incredible. Funny enough--there's a fruit in Thailand that's pronounced "f**k"--it's literally pronounced like the expletive, and the juice is really cleansing. 

JRINKHow was your reboot experience?

PL: I was excited and nervous, and already hungry because I really prepped--I quit caffeine the week before, so I got the caffeine headache out of the way before I started the actual cleanse. You have to go into it properly, so you can achieve your goal. It made me realize that the portions of food I was eating were out of control--like entire Chipotle rice bowls for lunch sitting at my desk. For me, this was life-changing. Having a juice replacement for a meal is perfect for my lifestyle because I don't have a lot of time; I don't cook, and I love having things delivered so I don't have to think about it. I'm planning to continue doing juices for breakfast and lunch, and a light dinner with my family at the end of the day. I feel like my skin is clearer and I feel lighter, not bloated or overstuffed. Doing the cleanse is like doing meditation--by the time you've done the prep and the cleanse, you've reset your mind and your body. And once you finish, you don't want to go back to your old, overeating or unhealthy self. It's a mental hurdle to get over, and it's exciting to keep going because you feel better. 


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