A Balanced Approach

JRINK is are a company that embraces balance.  Instead of promoting a juice-only, raw-only way of life, we’ve found that the greatest wellness we can harness is through balance.

Our customer base cuts a wide swath among DC residents: fitness gurus who refuel with a protein-rich nut milk post-workout, busy professionals who need their 5-a-day but simply don’t have the time to chomp a salad, and of course, customers who come to us looking to drastically change their lifestyle and diet.


We pose each new customer a series of questions, trying to gain understanding about their reason for visiting JRINK.  

Very frequently, we find that we’re a treat. A five-pounds-of-fruits-and-vegetables treat that feels good, that will leave you balanced, powerful, and satisfied, with a renewed sense of wellness.

Our juices are enjoyed in a number of ways, ways that we feel promotes balance. Some customers sip on a juice for breakfast as a meal replacement, while some accompany their eggs and bacon with one of our Fuel Me Up green JRINKs.  When our customers approach us about our reboot programs, we always tell them that we think of them as a re-set button, a way to get back to basics and simply nourish your body.


By not forcing a strict ideology or sense of health entitlement, we’ve found that we reach members of the community that might not come across as the classic juice drinker. Perhaps you’re a yogi with a craving for beets, or an intern who is feeling the effects of too much Chinese takeout—we’re here for you, one bottle at a time, and one experience at a time. 

Need to re-gain some balance or just press the "reset" button on life's craziness?  Learn about our popular 3 & 5 day Reboots or if you're new, samplers aka Life Essential Sets.