Introducing "Pumpkin Chai": Your Fall meal-in-a-bottle

(Image source: Courtesy of Amy Fischer, Registered Dietician & Nutritionist)


It's no secret that October is pumpkin month, and we're embracing the orange squash with our newest concoction: Pumpkin Chai, a limited-edition spiced & silky meal-replacement with nut-free tigernuts (counter-intuitive, we know), dates, chai spices, pumpkin, and natural protein powder made of pea protein and sacha inchi.

But before we go on, what is a tigernut? We're the first raw juice company to use them, so we got the intel from Chris Tantalean, from Organic Gemini, who provides us with the exclusive rights to these organic, vegan, non-GMO tigernuts. 


Leah Bhabha (JRINK): What are tigernuts? What are their primary health benefits?

Chris Tantalean (CT): Tigernuts are an ancient superfood--and not a nut (despite their name), but a root vegetable! They've been growing in Africa for over 2 million years, and comprised about 80% of our Paleo ancestor's diet. It's no surprise that they relied on tigernuts for nutrition, as they are mega high in fiber, potassium and Vitamin E, with as much iron as red meat! Plus, they have lots of additional vitamins and minerals.

JRINK: Tell me a little about the brand. I know the business got started involving alternative cancer treatments, could you give me a bit more background?

CT: Co-founders George & Mariam were eager to share a superfood root vegetable that was was virtually impossible to find in the States. When Mariam turned to holistic medicine in the hopes of avoiding an invasive surgery, she and George started incorporating organic, raw, non-GMO, gluten-free and dairy-free foods into the diet. They found out about the highly nutritious tigernuts, began enjoying them, and now we are the only USDA-Certified Organic tigernut company in the United States.


So there you have it -- Pumpkin Chai, a sweet-yet-spiced flavor with a very smooth, rich texture.  Natural protein powder made from pea protein and sacha inchi makes this a really filling JRINK, ideal for a post-workout boost or meal replacement, with pumpkin & dates providing a boost in vitamin A and other essential minerals.

This is a Limited Edition flavor so try it before it goes!  You can add it to your 6-pack HERE.


Note: Both Pumpkin Chai and Stateside Superfood, our two newest JRINKs to the Menu, were developed in collaboration with Ashley Koff Approved, a power duo of Registered Dietician's: Ashley Koff RD & Amy Fischer RD.  Ashley and Amy are both long-time JRINK customers and supporters of healthy lifestyles -- more on this partnership very soon!