This Halloween, how will you JRINK-or-treat?

With Halloween just a week away, we're focusing on one of the most iconic aspects of our brand: the JRINK bottle. Every week on Instagram we're stoked to see the way our loyal JRINKers re-use their bottles whether as eco-friendly water bottles, vases, or even terrariums! (Signed up for our class yet?) 

In honor of your green-ward facing efforts, we're launching a #JRINKortreat campaign this Halloween starting Thursday the 29th through Saturday the 31st. Simply post a photo of your re-used JRINK bottle on Instagram, tag us, and use the hashtag #JRINKortreat. Come in, show us the pic, and get a juicy Halloween surprise on us. 



A little more about why we use glass:  Not only our bottles keep our cold-pressed goodness tasting especially fresh (and keeping those fridges extra-bright), glass is also 100% recyclable, and re-using and recycling it saves energy and reduces emissions. For every ton of glass recycled, it saves a full ton of natural resources.