Its baaaack. Tis The Season or "Apple Pie in a bottle"


With Thanksgiving feeling so close, yet so far away, and the days just keep getting shorter and colder, we knew you needed something to keep the good vibes going.

Luckily, we’re releasing our JRINK fan favorite: the Fall-tastic Tis The Season made with crisp red apple, pear, sweet potato and cinnamon.  It's basically Grandma's Sunday Night Dessert after dinner, yet full of nutritional perks:

APPLE: As the adage says, one a day keeps the doc away and, as it turns out, apples are great for lowering cholesterol, and boosting your immune system.
    SWEET POTATO: Don’t fear this orangey starch, it’s full of Vitamin A (in the form of beta carotene, your kidneys will thank you), Vitamin C, and a host of other vitamins, not to mention potassium which benefits your cardiovascular system.
      PEAR: This delicate fruit increases energy levels, and helps boost the immune system. Pears are also helpful in maintaining a healthy pH and a healthy digestive system.
        CINNAMON: Not only does it taste like Fall, cinnamon also manages to neutralize effects of high fat foods while being a powerful anti-bacterial spice.



          Beyond being spiced, slightly sweet, and satiating to the T, this juice is your Fall indulgement minus the bloat or guilt.  Tis The Season is now available online (customize your 6-pack or Fall Blends) and at all stores.


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