Secret's out! Introducing our immuniTEAs.

Just in time for flu season, we're opening our newest standalone location at 1922 I Street NW, with the debut of our newest line of ImmuniTEAs, in collaboration with Carlene Thomas from Healthfully Ever After.  Think: warming, soothing, flu-fighting concoctions perfect for the cloudier rainier days ahead.

We did a ton of research to find the right ingredients to help you stay healthy and fight off getting sick.  Here are some of the highlights:






Cold-pressed lemon, fresh ginger, ground turmeric, ground cinnamon, honey, hot water

The most 'user friendly' so to speak.  It's the right thing for you if you're trying to keep from getting sick.  Lemon for a nice 'bright' start, packed with vitamin C, fresh ginger and turmeric as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, ultimately reducing the growth of histamine producing bacteria. 


Cold-pressed lemon, apple cider vinegar, burdock root, rosehip, ground turmeric, ground cinnamon, honey, hot water

If you're starting to catch something, this one has 3 bomb ingredients: apple cider vinegar, rose hip and burdock root.  Rose hips are a great source of vitamin C, apple cider vinegar as nature's anti-microbial, and burdock root for some traditional East Asian-inspired solutions for sore throats and colds.  Boom.


Cold-pressed lemon, fresh ginger, cloves, sage leaf, elderberry concentrate, ground turmeric, ground cinnamon, honey, hot water

I'm sorry.  You're probably full on sick at this point, but that's OK, we're here to help.  Level 3 is definitely the most intense and powerful.  It contains many of the same base items as Level 1 and 2 but also contains clove, sage and elderberry, with essential oils that have antimicrobial properties.  Elderberry is pretty much one of the coolest. things. ever. and studies found that it helps reduce flu symptoms AND it can dramatically shorten the flu by a few days.  


ImmuniTEAs will be available at our Foggy Bottom location at 1922 I Street NW, Washington DC 20006.  Open 8AM - 8PM during weekdays and 10AM - 2PM on weekends.  Come get your JRINK on.


Source: Healthyfully Ever After